Is this the powdery mildew?

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Do you mean it’s too late to reverse? I’m harvesting tomorrow. Tons of buds have no signs of PM. Inspected with UV light last night. If I see any sign of PM on a bud I’m throwing it out, but I can’t see why I would throw good ones out.
No need to throw them out. I just mean that actinovate is a prenventative measure, not a treatment once established.


I haven't used it so close to harvest, but potassium bicarbonate (1TBSP / gal) did a better job than all the other options for me on WPM. Milk, LCPT, H2O2 sorta worked but the potassium bicarb gave me the best results.
Agreed, close to harvest I use the pure potassium bicarbonate with no surfacants as Greencure used to have. You don't need them or the taste close to harvest.
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