Jacks 5-12-26 And Cano3 Dwc Issues

New jacks user. Been using 3:2 ratio to calcnit.

Mixed 122g/gal distilled of the calcnit

Mixed 185g/gal distilled of the jacks to make a 50:1 stock.

Been applying at 2.66oz/gal.

This is about 1.5EC. Nutrient solution is dropping and I have yellow tips on the top of the plant that spread to margins and dark leaves that look blueish. These are about 2.5ft tall and just brought them,to flower.

People told me nutrient burn despite a dropping feed. This was when I was at 1.9EC. Ive since lowered but still this issue exists.

pH drifts 6.2 daily and is corrected back down to 5.6 daily.

Not sure wtf is wrong.

My 3 week veg plants are getting it now as well. They are at 0.9EC. The leaves are light green blotchy on these. These are almost a foot and are Bodhi Mountain Temple.
Soluble Salts ms/cmEC 0.13*
pH 10.03
ALK ppm CaC03 18.52
Calcium ppm Ca 16.92*
Magnesium ppm Mg 0.36*
Sodium ppm Na 15
Chloride ppm Cl 29.03
Boron ppm B 0
Iron ppm Fe 0.04
Manganese ppm Mn 0.01
Sulfur ppm S 5.34*
Copper ppm Cu 0.02
Zinc ppm Zn 0.03
Molybdenum ppm Mo 0.01
Aluminum ppm Al 0.85
Nitrate ppm NO3-N 1.91
Ammonium ppm NH4-N 2.41
N ppm Urea 0.07
Total Nitrogen ppm TN 4.4
Phosphorus ppm P 0
Potassium ppm K 0.15

This is my tap water analysis
This is what my veg area is doing

As you can see those are daily pH rise and feed drops. The healthiest looking ones have yellow growing tips(7th picture), but look good aside from that, they are getting fed the highest.

I did an experiment with distilled water on a couple. Those are the ones with what looks like a calmag deficiency (2nd and 3rd pictures)

I'm mixing per jacks instructions 2.44g/gal CaNO3 and 3.7g/gal 5-12-26. I also add .5g/gal epsom.

They are at about 2/3 strength. Should I be mixing at full strength for such small plants?