Jj 's 2014 Seed Haul, What Too Pop?

Well now that 2014 is upon us, It's time to chew through some of the seeds I picked up last year.

I've got a 4 * 4 plot set aside with its own 1000w DE too hunt with, while the other areas ( 4 other 4*4 plots) run production meds. I caregive for 4 people, who are currently all on an Og kick, so I have Legend and Fire ogs running.

plant limits will unfortunately keep me from popping more than a pack or 2 at a time, but I want to do them du-justice as well.

I know seed logs can be boring as fuk during certain periods, but hopefully I can keep yall interested.

My aim is to get through all of these this year ( while I stock up for next I'm sure)

I will now commence the reading of the list ;)

Grease - redeye - cherrypie x trestardawg
Frogfart - Greenbeanz - Berrywhite x stardawg
AdubKiller - franchise - Adub * stardawg
91 killer - franchise - chem * stardawg
Alien Dub - franchise - Alien * sourDub
Foodawg - lompa
Chem*GSC - Logic
SourD*GSC - Logic
SourD * HellsAngl - Logic
Albino Leprechaun - cabin fever - White * lucky Charms
CaliKing - Goldenlion - TK * dubking

Some others in the pic im missing but gotta get back to the game ;)
The AlienDub from Franchise has my potency hunt tingling.. That was the same X that made the Adub, which has tested many times over 30's

Adding to the list

Aligee cookies - Aligee - Cookies * sour Bubble
Tangerine Power - sincity
Funkberry - Pieces - Chemdog D * Bubonic
dutchess - PNW
Alien * MauiWowi - G O D

happy b

You got MY attention with a list like that . I was going to get the grease but was gone when I went to order . I would go grease albino leprechaun chem cookies aligee cookies and the a dub . no wonder you needed help choosing . I would struggle to choose from that . that grease though,was gutted I missed em.

happy b

I'm really interested to see how the grease turn out .whith a lineage like that it's gonna be something special. I hope red eye do another drop soon . they've got some cracking double barrell og crosses as well . show us how it's done jesse
Thanks everyone! Yes this run had its share off issues testing out new gear and nutes . But looks like there will be a decent amount of quality nugs . Everything else is going to concentrates.
Seeds have broken ground so far 8 for 12 on Adub and 7 for ten with Grease

Some harvest shots from the sfv / fire plot. I really think I over grew my screens because these are a lot of underdeveloped buds under the tops. I didn't do a lot of defoliation either so that could be kinda responsible. Flowers turned out pretty decent I think considering I also locked most of these out for all of week 5. They bare the scars

'Fire cut' og top


Valley Og


More valley


More Fire


Too crowded! Next time only 1 plant per screen section.

Legend comes down in a week or so, they didn't have the issues the Valley had so they are still cranking.

The screens on the Legend plot were less plugged with vegetation too. Notes for next time!

Peace fellow farmers!
My Fire cut does a weird ' Nose dive ' with the leaves sometimes, anyone ever seen that?

Plus all these ogs seem to have the 'TMV' hook leaf issue, fire especially. Sfv less so, and the Legend seems pretty rock solid, but I did get a few.
Legend is going to out yeild the others for sure, I hope the smoke is as good as the looks. The fire has such a lemon fuel rankness it's so nice
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