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High gang. Just wanted to tell yall that im now a member of this wonderful site. Been a memeber at IC for quite some time now, and i was also a OG member back in the day. Ive been lurking around here a bit now, and i like the atmosphere over here alot. Not that i dont like IC, but ive seen things change over there and some elements(drama and slandering among some) annoy me and i think its nice to have more than one safe haven to discuss stuff with likeminded ppl. I live in Denmark and have been growing weed both indoor and outdoors for a period of 8 years on and currently undergoing one of the off periods as my house is for sale and im not fixin to get busted trying to sell my house. Soon as a new home is bought, i will set up again. A major hash fan, as thats practically all i smoke(and lots of it too), so im lookin forward to contributing to the import hash thread.

Stay Safe


Sup GDK,

Today is a beautiful day at the Farm, hopefully some of our barnyard animals will introduce themselves, if their not too shy. :animal0057:


welcome to the farm man its a lot more of a chill vibe over here.. no bs no trolling and definately the breeders at the forefront of the scene right now are all here.. with more on the way... enjoy and feel free to ask anything


welcome mate,

what you say about having more than one forum, does sound logical.
this is the only forum i use right now & it is enough for me at this time.
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