Juicy Fruit and Hermaphroditism, need new seed bank, offering trade

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Two Juicy Fruits in this picture. I've got 4 Juicy Fruits and one WW on this grow. JF is a sativa dominant cross of two stony varieties. Afhgani and Thai. They keep me looking at the calendar because they are in advanced development and covered with trichomes already. I think I kicked these into flowering on July 16. I planned on going 9 weeks. Not going to get that far I don't think. I'm planning on taking them in two weeks and could probably take them in one. A freaky, unstable breed. One shot up like a sativa to be the tallest plant I've ever grown in this room. Three others stayed shorter and squatter. They are all going to bring good weight, especially the squatter ones. And in sample vaping of this I'm finding it lives up to its name for a very psycho-active high. The energizing thoughts run wild with this. I can see why they say it is good for creativity. And it is the sticky-ickiest weed I've ever grown. Just pruning leaves my fingers get sticky. So I'm eyeballing making a little hash and wish I had a hash screen.

The problem all four Juicy Fruits from BCSK in this room are hermaphrodites! Now I've had this in the past and dealt with it. A GDP from BCSK threw male flowers. Their Big Bud definitely had that going on. But not like this! This is prevalent. Now you might say, you stressed them or something. NO!. I'm pretty good at this. I had 7 ounces of bud from my Blue Cheese harvest, have gone through a lot of that, flipped my buddy an ounce, and the very first two seeds were found in his jar recently. I have found none and I have been vaping that weed like it's Christmas every day! Every time my buddy mentions that weed he just keeps repeating one word. "Potent." So what is going on here is an unstable breed. The one White Widow in the room did not freak out. It is growing some big buds and has a completely different stink. The stink coming off the Juicy Fruit is much heavier and funkier. I can't keep that funky smell from leaching out even with ventilation going out constantly. A fierce, funkier stink. The buds continue to grow and get fatter and throw more hairs. And I keep picking off male flowers.

But it is the level of male flowers. Astounding! I'm picking them off constantly! And when I open these buds to sample them? There are male flowers INSIDE the buds. I can tell this strain is special and somebody needs to breed the freakiness out of it. It is extremely strong! The buzz hits you like a hammer. What I would love to do is clone a certified female but this will never happen because I'm abandoning this strain. I may grow White Widow exclusively next time.

What I would like is to increase my seed stock right now in preparation for my scheduled grow January 2023. I'd like to find a good seed bank that is not too pricey. I offered another member here a trade and he never followed up. I have some Auto seeds I got about two years ago from Europe. Feminized of course. I don't want to grow Autos. I have 10 Blue Cheese Autos. And 8 White Widow XXL Autos. Anybody want to offer me any seeds in a trade? I'm only interested in feminized unless you have something special.

The other thing making me want seeds from a different source is I believe these Juicy Fruit seeds were infected with Septoria! The WW didn't even get it. And all of the Juicy Fruits got it simultaneously despite being sprayed heavily with Neem Oil during the vegetative period. The only explanation is it came in with the seeds. And my research indicates that this can happen. It's not bad at all, Neem kept it at bay, but I don't want any of that crap in my room.
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