Just a beginner asking a question

Living on my SS. Yeah Medicare isn’t great but better then nothing...I learned how the system works and could always talk to drs about everything, treated me like a friend most time. Hope social security doesn’t run out for sure I don’t my kids see. Any, since the freakin government has stolen all the money for all their bs...anyway....could be worse....love my cannabutter....lol..this farm is a nice place and I get so much good info...
Blessings and happy growing😎
I never mix politics and cannabis. but in this particular situation I must make an exception. The answer it's simple Donald Trump
My dear friend I have exactly two plants I live in Florida will you have to pay 269 smoke a joint. I'm growing this in the closet in my garage with an improvised room. Pure purpose of this is strictly that I refuse to pay the prices they charge here. 4 what I consider f substandard cannabis
I here you I pay over $100 for 1/4 ounce. Don't know what it is or how it's grone. Crazy..