Just A Drop In The Bucket (texas)

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Ugh. I'm in Texas too.

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i'm in a legal marijuana state. a neighbor 2 doors down had their high school sweetheart from texas come visit him. she stayed one month and they had a great time and legal marijuana was a part of it. she felt so happy, good, relaxed she didn't have to hide, be thought of as a criminal. on taking her to the airport neighbor told her to make sure you don't bring any back and she acknowledged and said she went through everything and didn't have any. leaving our state she was fine, landing in texas she had a compartment in her purse that had marijuana she forgot about. she was arrested at the airport and still is in jail after 2 months awaiting trial. i believe this is like a government and corporate agreement to make a revenue industry. there has been trillions of dollars spent on judges, lawyers, prisons, DEA, fines... this is just a girl who didn't do anything to anyone and she's now in jail, lost her job, and will be a criminal in america forever! i didn't ask my neighbor all the details but i caught that she isn't rich and cannot afford a private lawyer, cannot afford the bail (if texas even allows bail?). i met her several times and she is a sweet friendly person. it really is nice living in a state marijuana is not a criminal act! you wouldn't believe how much fear in life it relieves! or does our government want us living in fear? the politicians and CEOs that have conspired to create this marijuana prison revenue system must themselves be imprisoned for life at hard labor camps and all their assets confiscated and donated to past marijuana "crime" convictions!


hahaha thats were my damn hunting lease is at,,hahah i wouldnt have screwed with his grow though,,last year was a curiouse year,opening morning not a shot fired,was kinda spooky actually,stayed all day,still not a shot,even looked at my phone to see if it was right day,lmao,and that area looks recognizable,,huh interesting indeed


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Oh and with all that said Happy Sunday Stoners!!!! Tis a beautiful world lol
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