Just wondering which seeds would be the easiest strain for me to grow

Well these seeds are from well known breeders Pacific Northwest roots mad scientist....and this is what I have to work with
Sorry I dont know any of those strains. They sound like re-bred elite poly hybrids. I am suggesting the opposite. Mr. Nice black widow for example. Sensei skunk. Something like that is stable and easy to grow.
For your first FEW grows..I suggest well know strains as well. STABILITY is sooooo important. I would also include Northern Lights as a simple strain to grow,; yet extremely potent and a great yield to boot. You don't want naners (or worse) in flower. I don't mind losing a plant, but I do mind losing time and growing space!
I suggest a classic strain from a long well known breeder.

Not a flavor of the month from a more recent one.
I agree. If you are indeed a newbie and are looking for punch, yield and ease of growth go with Blue Dream. There is a lot of recent publicity that potsnobs are sick of this strain but I've been growing and creating new strains for a long time and BD is still a great smoke and great cash crop. I also suggest Dr. Krippling's "Incredible Bulk". I bought 50 seeds about 3 years ago and germinated all 50 seeds in root riot cubes. All 50 seeds sprouted in less than a week and I have never grown a strain like this before. Every single seed produced essentially an identical clone. My canopy was uniform down to an inch without any manipulation whatsoever. This strain is incredibly easy to grow, mold resistant and produces large harvests along with a great high.