Keps Farm

Hey there farmers. Long time student here finally getting around to starting a grow journal. I look forward to sharing my work with you all and to collaboratively, polish our fulfilling craft of cultivating cannabis, learn & contribute back to the farm in any way I can.

I’m currently on Phase 2 of a 5 phase buildout in a 1200 sq ft facility, STOKED to finally be able to pop seeds I’ve been collecting.

Phase 1 was to buildout a 10X10 room with passive air flow, pulling cold air from another air conditioned room serving as a lung.
(2) 3x6 beds
Medium: 1 year old coco coir and perlite
Lights: (2) DE’s @ 600-1200 Watts
Watered with R/O from a 40gal holding tank
Organic amendments, teas, botanicare (grow & bloom), M.A.P booster for flower.

Currently being revamped (cleaned and sanitized) for the next round of flower.

(Currently under construction) Phase 2 - 10X15 room with passive air flow.
(1) 65gal geo pot with 8 Colombian’s (Caps cut)
(3) 3X3 beds (Bed #1 is GG4, Bed #2 is Pure OG & Bed #3 Ghost OG)
Medium: coco coir and perlite
Lights: (6) Nanolux Super DE’s
Watered with R/O
Organic amendments & teas.

Aside from the Colombian the rest I inherited in not the best of shape (root bound and fert burns) so I’m giving them some time to recover before flipping giving me enough time to finish room 1.

I’ve also got plenty of teens in veg (all cuts/clones sourced from a reputable fellow farmer)
Fire OG
Pure OG
Mars OG
Ghost OG
Star Dawg
Colombian (Caps cut)
Gorilla Dawg
Triangle Kush
Super Lemon Diesel

Seeds germinated and/or currently being sexed:
Planewreck (2 phenotypes - Zia Farms)
Purple Banana Sherbert (1 Phenotype - DNA/Crockett Family)
Sour Banana (3 phenotypes - Crockett Family)
Crockett Dawg (3 phenotypes - Crockett Family)

I’ll upload a few pics in the morning, until then... stay tuned & keep it lit!
Got a few things setup in this pic, a few plants just kicking back watching it all unfold and winchy the winch well supported to raise and lower that 200lb exhaust come service time. Room 1 is the same setup only on rope ratchets and that shit is a bitch to hoist up there on your own lol
And finally transplanted... solo cups have been potted up to alleviate any root bound plants after a few weeks of consistent IPM applications and monitoring in the intake tent.

I already had 8 of Caps Colombian’s in a huge 65gal geo (I dunno why I even transferred them into that thing guess I was bored) so I made some rolling tables and threw some 3x3 trays w/geo’s. (9) GG4, (9) Ghost OG that I think I’m going to pull and replace with something else and A bed over filled with PURE (I forget the plant count but it’s high) i had a few extra Colombians so I set them out in smaller geo pots. Because I’m not running an A/C unit in this room I’m going to fire up 4 of the 6 nanolux’s and monitor the temperature see how it goes. Tons of negative pressure so there’s never any buildup of heat and my outside temps are about 50-70 most evenings when they’ll be flowering.

I popped 3 Crockett Dawg seeds a few months back and finally took cuttings from all 3 Phenos waiting for them to finish rooting which should be any day now. I’ll post pics of it as soon as they’re done cooking ;)
What was the verdict as to the leaf curl? Heat or pests?
It came from a very old mom that’s been in rotation for long long time.

A buddy that gifted me the first couple of clones called me to tell me that I probably had russet mites. He had found some in his farm so I grabbed my hand held micro and boom!!!
99% of everything I grabbed from him had them so they underwent some serious foliar sprays with sulfur.