Kids Call These Mids In Norcal.. Purple Punch

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Dizzy Weasel

Loves Eating Tacos
Purple punch: clone from NorCal
Media: CCh20
Juice: CES line + seasalt
Indoor: spyders and 1000w.hps mixed
Flower time: 57days
Three day flush at 150ppm
Structure: great stretch, good open stacking and not too compact
Grow: ez one to grow, early harvest true 8weeker, burned it finding the point of too much sea salt in nute solution..(side experiment) looks like u have spider mite webs there is so much trichs on her
Smell: dough/baked goods sweetness with a lil koolade punch/grape notes
Smoke: hashy note then sweet grape/fruity taste..
very smooth
High: I can go do things and function other than cram my face with tacos..
Potency: probably below 20% which I'm liking the new terpy strains in the teens. (Kids call em mids here):cry: I mean some people have to work and pick up there kids from school and be high the whole time so I guess I'm an old Dude who likes to smoke mids!:banghead:
Kids call these mids in norcal purple punch
Kids call these mids in norcal purple punch 2
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Looks nice and yummy . I'd smoke that mid right now ! Mids hum , I like mids too ! Smoking some 92 % actually ,91.2 rather shatter bay dream right now. "very mids ". compares to mid leaf. lol. on the other hand , I must confess though , i'm a vegitarian basically till recent . But now when i pick my veggies up from the c.s.a. fARM on Tuesdays like a magot or george lopez i feed on the dead flesh of the Carnitas in a parking off my favorite truck .
Taco up ! oh , i mean bowl up .........shhhhhhh In the car !


I'm going to start calling my buds mids. I mean they actually smell like skunk.. Old school garbage! Probably not even 25%. Pfft.

Your buds have a great look. Just call them 30% and wait for people to proclaim how they can taste the thc

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