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Heard great things about Killing Fields and have seen some beautiful photos here as well, so decided to give it a run. One seed, so not much of a choice.

I put her into flower 3 weeks ago and she is growing like a weed @ 42" already. I can only imagine what this plant could do outside, but unfortunately for now I'm growing in a tent and it's seriously getting crowded and she is stuck in the corner. She's a purple pheno, with tight internodes, looking pretty sweet so far. Have some high hopes for this one, wish me luck!


What he said! Looks great, now she'll fill in for ya.... What kind of smells are you getting?


Smells really fruity and delicious, makes me want to gnaw the tops off...nom nom nom...


Just a little update: She is filling in, but oddly, there is a color change. She looks dark charcoal gray. Only the very small lower branch popcorn buds still have a hint of dark purple, the rest is Kind of a mix of green and gray calyx...anyone seen this happen before? The pics don't really capture the color very well, but here it is at week 5.



beautiful lookin plts there,,, i had only seen color like that if i left them outside growing after a frost n they all got a dark dull blackish purple color, but yours are healthy and dark, interesting for sure.... i forget what thread i sw a post of yours in, but you had different plants that were also perfect 100% examples of healthy plants growing to their full potential...

Do you grow in a soil mix??

if so, do u mind if i ask a few questions to help me a lil

thx man,,, sorry to sidetrack the thread, if ya want i can pm ya instead for the info

again great lookin girls there... are you happy w/KF so far ? they look nice 2 me! what is the strain makeup? they look like a hybrid leanin on indica side,,, thx again


Thanks jyip,

I do grow in a soil mix, and I collect and make my own, this is the basic formula. All I do is water, it makes it pretty simple. Go ahead and ask away, questions are always welcome.

50% forest humus
20% peat moss
10% compost/rabbit droppings
10% worm castings
2% glacial silt
2% salmon/fish whole and/or carcass dried and ground
2% seaweed (sometimes with spawn on) – 3 main kelp types laminaria/macrocystis/costaria dried and ground
2% shells- crab/clam/muscle/egg – whatever is available dried and ground
2% volcanic pumice

This is my first time growing the KF, it seems to be fairly easy, though really doesn't like wet feet at all, so I have to be a bit more careful with watering this one.

KF2= The One(Blueberry Sativa x Killa Queen x NYCD) x Sannies Jack (Jack Herer x Haze)


Week 6 Update

So here we are for our weekly update.

She seems to be getting a little color back and getting chunky. My only concern is that she isn't uptaking water from the soil, been a week and the soil is still damp and her leaves are still droopy cause she seems to hate it. The rest of my plants in bloom are watered every other day. Other than that, everything seems to be going well.

Week 6 pics!
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