KING KONG (allstar genetics)

Some pix of the king kong (week 4 flower),

Try to keep them short and fat this round they look very indica dominant now and are easy to grow but are slightly longer in flowering because of the NL haze male .This haze hybrid smokes great i love the taste of the king kong this was the the last personal stash i had left since my sativa cup entry .
have to wait a couple of weeks again :star
i will post pictures weekly ....
Yes for this room i use the bac cocos range again.

So flushing stage is finished ,the king kongs are ready to chop.....
These babys where rockhard and since they where the lowest in height in the middle row of the room (growing out 3 strains in the same room) i had to be aware for bud rot dont want to lose any plants.
The plants where at there end no more extra to gain and the trichomes looked perfect so the first to go down was king kong.
will post next week some budshots of the harvest....

Room has more space now again so the kaligria and kushdee get more light at the bodem , will start flushing the kaligria (some pix tommorow)
see ya
hey ALLSTAR-GO, order is in the mail for a pack of king-kong. looking forward to having a good yielding, good tasting strain back in the garden. i'll be picking up the WestSide next.
King kong looks like a short plant with high yields, perfect for peepz without alot of space and height..

get sum dried bud shots up when she is ready AllStars:)
"thinman, are you harvestmen?" MACK 10

nope, probably just a similar avatar...

"King kong looks like a short plant with high yields.." jah hoover

along with a STRONG up high and good flavor too