King Kong & Kaligria (Test Grow) by PrairieBoy

This is the start of my AllStarGenetics KING KONG & KALIGRIA test grow.

First off...much thanks and appreciation to the ASG crew for the consideration of allowing me to test out some of their gear and Logic for giving these fine folks a place to show/distribute their wares.

I will be popping 18 beans total (9 ea.),due to space restrictions being they are sativa based hybrids.

Seeds are being planted/sprouted directly in 8oz. cups containing 70% Perlite,20% Pro-Mix bx and 10% Wormcastings (top-dressed).

They are then placed in a heated propagator with humidity dome and temps are kept at 28c/82f

I mixed up some Organicare Seaplex @ 2.5ml to 1 liter of r/o water and sprayed/soaked all cups thoroughly.

Seedling lighting will be 150 watt CFL once sprouting has been established.

Let the show begin...


Talk about viable seeds...these sprouts just jumped out of their shells after hittin the dirt. They are not all up yet ...but I have no doubt the seeds are fresh and full of vigor and germ rate will be close to if not 100%. Nice work ASG.:cool0044:

I'll keep this thread as updated as possible...always with pics of course.
Nice to have ya tunin' in Alt...I'll keep an eye out for your thread when ya get the space to drop 'em.
Be Well Farmers
Day 19 update

Things are moving along smoothly...I will be moving the plantlets under a 400 mh tonight.The seedlings out-grew their dixie cups (full,healthy root zone), and were transplanted into 1.5 liter containers with drainage.Filled with Pro-mix bx,perlite, 1" of hydroton on the bottom and wormcastings mixed through-out.
Only issue I had during germination was that a few had a hard time shedding their casings. They popped tails but couldnt shed their shells under the soil.
I lost 2 to dampening off before I realized what was up,:sign0065: I helped 2 more by gently prying the shells off with tweezers...they are a little behind the others but are trucking along. I pre-soaked the other 2 remaining beans I had out of the testers and they liked the pre-soak and they dropped their casings with ease. They are little troopers trying to catch up. Overall i am pleased with how well the plants are growing...they have only been fed 1/4 strength Bio-Bizz Grow Pure(soaked the granules with R/O water made a tea) 1 time 3 days ago. Pic's on the way....:wait
Be Well Farmers'

Looks like I'm about 2 weeks behind ya... It's nice to have someone paving the I have Kaligria and Zilvermist; amazed at the vigor of the ASG gear. So far, I'm thinking that All-Star Genetics is appropriately named, and I may apply for full-time official tester status with the warehouse I'm about to move into...:banana: Your girls are looking healthy and happy. Nice pics, too. Peace
prairie boy just one quick ? where can you pick up asg gear on the net never herd of them have herd of kk just never seen it listed anywhere feel free to pm me if you don't want to post for all. thanks an great lookin grow dude. be safe peabody.
Thanks for lookin' fellow farmaz.
Onward n Upward from here on in... stick around.

Yes Alt...they are full of vigor :muscle :flower... lookin forward to watching your grow come along also bro.

Peabody...PM them (ASG) they have a website also... (No USA or Australia shipping). Hopefully we can represent them well enough here with our test grows that they will eventually be onboard with THCbay.
Thanks for the kind words all!
PrarieBoy, will be tagged along with this thread for the entire ride. can't wait to see how those beauties finish up. very excited to see such uniformity among seedlings. good luck and thanks for sharing your experience.