King Kong on the Mountain

Ok, I came upon a few beans of King Kong from All-Star Genetics; I've currently got enough room to grow out 6 of them and see what happens. Just dropped the beans in rapid rooters; will update when they crack. Looking forward to this fine looking sativa-dominant strain. If these turn out anything like the Zilvermist, I'll be thrilled! I also have a Kaligria in veg right now; if it's a girl, I'll start that thread also. Thanks for your hard work, ASG!!!!

100% Germination

All systems go; 6 lovely little girls. Don't look much like King Kong now; I'm sure that will change :)
The tall one was hilarious; It shot the taproot up out the plug hole, and back down into the plug. Then it did a flip and started drilling through the plug. Time lapse on that would have been funny.
i'll be watchin this one too. haha how many strains you runnin at a time bro? i always see you runnin like 5 journals at once, always a good show tho man =)
OhioFarmer- I currently have 13 keepers, and I'm running 7 more strains right now to find keepers... Got a very large project started; details may be unveiled soon...

waayne- always nice to hear from ya, bro. Good to know you're in CO!

JAWS- hoping for the best out of these. ASG throws seriously good genetics. Their parent plants were selected from huge seed runs.

Winta- always a pleasure, my brother. Love your current run!
I'm really interested in this strain, it sounds like a killer cross. I'll be watching this grow and hoping that you get some nice girls to play with. :weed-sign:

I started these girls a couple days after beans I got from some other breeders, and they're by far the most vigorous of the entire 6x6 ( 6 beans of 6 strains). These babies as a group are out-performing every other strain so far. Lovely girls, I hope.

Great looking plants so far!

My 6 King Kong seedlings. KK C and KK E are girls for sure, but the others aren't quite discernible yet. Couple boys I think, but want them to really show before I do anything rash :)
I have taken clones from each one, and hope to find something special so I can get the medicine into the hands of those who need it.
The bigger plants behind the KK are (left to right) Pandora's Box, Purple Haze, and FredHead (bubbleberry x kushage).
Some of the KK kids have got some serious BO; they are all smelling a little skunky. I have one that smells really sweet, but the other have hazy overtones to the funk.


Nice!! Cant wait to see how you rock these girls!! Props Brother Alt!!
hey altitude, hope all your projects are still going good, your new setup looks alot more crisp and clean this time around, gonna look around for your earlier posts they should be gettin close to finishing up. Take it Easy Man.

"Organic Blueberries Growen in with Organic Blueberry!!?, Wow your f'in crazy man" <====:mmm
Day 22 from flip

I underestimated two things:
How much nitrogen these girls would use- into the bloom cycle, and how much training they would need. They seemed to respond well to pinching, but the main stem shot straight up upon flip. I am topping these girls on any future runs.

Frosting up nicely. They still have 50+ days to go...