For Sale Kingbrite LED 320W + 240W + CFLs, Cloner, Fan, Filter, Large Grow Shed and more!

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I'm moving and selling my entire setup. Lights, air, filter, fans, clone bubbler. I even had a really nice outdoor shed fully insulated with two sides, one for veg/cloning and the other for flower 10'x3'x5'. Entire setup is one year old and in excellent condition. Preference to someone in the SF Bay Area as I don't really want to ship.

(1) 320W led Board V3 QB288 Samsung LM301H and cree xpe 660nm red KingBrite Grow Light - $225
(1) 240W KingBrite quantum KB-QB288X2-LM301H+epistar 660nm samsung led grow light - $150
(1) 30W-35W Kingbrite EPISTAR 660nm 730nm Emerson effect bloom booster - $25
(1) AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller - $85
(1) AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 4" with Premium Australian Virgin Charcoal, for Inline Duct Fan - $35
(1) Bubbler/Cloner with water pump, air pump and stone, foam collars - $45
(1) Vivosun Grow/Dry Tent - $80
(2) CFL light panels. 6 lights per panel. Veg and Flower bulbs - $40
Total: $685 If you buy everything, I'll go $600 for you.

If you want the shed, let's talk. It's made from all pressure treated 2x4s with osb flooring. I also have custom made vinyl floor pans for each side of the shed. Doors have locking T handles with keys.

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