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Have 2 mako haze plants from seed the leaves look very indica will they stretch out as they ggrow they are allso very small compared with some indicas that i planted at the same time is this usual of this mako haze strain allso how does the mako haze taste when dry'ed
I run their Milky Way about a year ago! I have to say the smell and high was first class. Really headspinning high, first joint hit me like hammer, really hazy smell with a bit of Milky Way, no joke!
The size of the plant was more indica like, than haze/sativa dominated strains I run.
She took about 65 days and was a medium yielder.

I only started one seed and it was a girl! Lost the pack with the other beans;(.

I didn't take cuts or tried to reveg here, cause I thought I still have the other beans. Perhaps I will find them when I'm old or my kids find them!

Greets Tolpan


I have a Q, what's the lineage of Daddy's Girl? Found a pack I got as a freebie, just wondering what to expect?
My mate's got the daddys girl freebies going that we got 2 years ago at the 420,
he says shes huge, ill have to go and check her out and see how it is..


Yeah, see if it's good, huge and good sounds worth growing to me!
i'v got some of the mount cook seeds. how heavy of feeding do they like..or are they just regular feeders..also i have grand purps,&gold kush are they the same on feeding.. using fox farm soil& liq nuits..