Kosher Kush by DNA Genetics

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Strain: kosher kush by DNA genetics
Seed or clone: Clone
Pot Size: 3gal fabric
Tent: Vivosun 2x4x5
Medium: FFOF with Perlite
Lights: 2x AC Infinity S22 130w LEDs
Exhaust Fan: AC Infinity cloudline t4 with controller
Humidifier: Vornado set to 60% RH
Air conditioning:N/A
Temp: 76F-83F
RH: 59-66%
PH: 6.5
Climate zone: southern California Mediterranean.
Nutrient line and additives: Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom, Voodoo Juice, Big Bud, B-52, GH CaliMagic, Great White, Epsom salt and unsulfured black strap molasses.
Light schedule: 17/7

Ive always been shy and scared to share my grows afraid of being criticized for idk...just shy I guess haha. Well I'm tryna break the ice. Here we go!

From cloner to soil at 9.15.2023 here she is 6 week veg. Gonna flip as soon as the nitrogen starts to disappear from the medium. She was the lowest branch that never made it to the light. She just needed her own home. I have no ac in my house and I'm here in Southern Cali but manage a good 79F-81F most days, most it fluctuates is as low as 76, as hot as 88. I run my lights at 80% to combat the heat, they're on 17/7 from 5pm to 10am as the hottest time of the day in LA is 12noon to 4pm. Just tryna get a good vpd. On hotter days I'm heavily misting the foliar, stems and stalks. It's a fungus gnat partyyyy 😆 I do have to add though, I live in a housing complex small apartment on the second floor. Most bugs and insects don't make it to my room here on the second floor. My window is sealed and I vent into my house. My family don't mind as I blow 79-81F air into the house, here in Cali thats not hot for us.
Kosher kush by dna genetics
Kosher kush by dna genetics 2
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I cant get enough of close ups. Plan on buying a hand held microscope. It just sounds like too much fun.
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