KUSHDEE from All-Star Genetics

All right; this will be the 4th strain I've grown out from ASG, and I am super happy with what I've seen from these guys on every grow so far. My only regret is that all my Kaligria seedlings were males. No problem; I only had 4 to choose from, originally. I still run Zilvermist and King Kong; they are patient favorites.
The Kushdee was All-Star's entry into the '09 HTCC, and they took 3rd place in the Indica category. I am really looking forward to seeing the phenotypes that come out of these beans. I went 6/6 on the first wave of germination. They are the back row in this photo. They will be plunked in some Roots Organic soil tomorrow. The 5 seedlings in the front are Durban Mango testers from Top Dawg.


If I may, I will say that will have a healthy and fun outdoor competition with me, I also cultivates Kushdee. I am here to see the results you get.

I feel your results with male plants Kaligria and I had a similar problem with King Kong, is a factor which decides the fate.

Like you I have confidence in this time get a great product.

See you soon, not to relax the report.


Coming along

All righty then, these Kushdee are really coming into their own, starting to really take off. When I germinate the rest of the beans, I'll perform a slight flush on the Roots Organic soil before depositing a seedling into it. The leaves of these girls got a tad wrinkly (as you can see) indicating the soil was too hot. After a couple waterings, they pulled right out of their "stall" and are now ready to be transplanted into larger containers. I'm pretty sure they are large enough now to really enjoy the straight RO soil for a few weeks. VERY happy to be running this strain!

Photo taken halfway through the watering process; pay no attn to wet/dry soil...lol
the update...

They sure liked getting out of the solo cups, even though they were nowhere close to root-bound. They are also eating more, and getting used to the Roots Organic soil that was a lil hot for them at first. Upon transplant, I watered them with a myco booster (AgeOld Myco brewed with molasses and kelp for 24 hours). I think they dig it.

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sexing, sexing, one, two, three...

KD4 is a confirmed female. I believe KD2 is going to be a male. I am thinking of keeping a male from this group, for a little pollen-chucking, as long as it's cool with ASG.

looking really sexy alt,i love them fat leaf indica's.ogizzle goodness.keep them pics coming. mack.
Heck yeah, Mack! KD4 and KD5 are confirmed females. KD1 and KD2 are looking male. #3 and #6 are being stubborn.
I will be keeping a male to use for pollen-chucking. If ASG gives me their blessing, the resulting beans will be donated to med patients.
Nice stuff Alt,
looking forward to see you grow the kushdee.
About the pollen ,if you find a nice male only out of a few seeds go ahead
just let me sample the offspring ;)
see ya
smokin KUSHDEE at the moment all i can say is wow its one hell of a smoke,popped 4 seeds and got 3 girls be careful with them,i found yellow nanas on mine around day 65 (only a couple) pulled em out and took her to day 70 before chop
thank you ASG you got a good un here
will be doin a grow diary in next few weeks of kushdee,ugorgs blues and smellyberry,devils harvest dazey jones and sour smurf
great looking plants, altitudefarmer. such wide leafs and thick stalk. will be checkin in to watch the flower show. also will be looking for some KUSHDEE seeds. i'd love to give it a go here.


They look awesome alt. Have these beans hit the farm I haven't seen them since I joined?