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Well lets see, The white, og kush sfv, og kush abusive, un known og kush's, pure kush, charles kush, pink kush, leppard og x nl x pk, purple kush, white wolf, s1 og's, el chupacabara's, & bubba kushes.


nyckid real nice grow u got ther u dident do all that with just that lite did u when u goin 2 12 12 them :flower hay is any of what i got same as any of them u got there i meen same seeds?:nod
How old are they? What's their height? I noticed that the main stem is thin. I am growing an OG Kush right now, which I got as a clone, it was a lil beat up but I figured it may have just been stressed. After seeing yours maybe they are just thinner by nature.

Oh and mine has purple leaf stems, is that normal for the OG?

I have a new group of girls in day two of flower. they are all MASTER KUSHES...I had them on veg for 11 weeks. they range from 3-5 feet and woooodie stems already. its going to be a lush garden fershure. I was using GH Expert nutes on my last round which consisted of mostly sativas..and they did great. Blue Dream, Casey Jones, Romulan etc... now..for these KUSHESSS..i know they can take more PPMS, im sure of that, they are drinking like wild and starting to really get confortable in their new 2 gallon, rockwool crouton, top feeder situation under 1000s...

Does anyone know a gooood nute/beni/supplement/budswell combo for KUSHES???

Im now looking into BOTANICARE, CNS17, GUARDIAN TR, SWEET BERRY< SEAPLEX,SILICABLAST, AQUASHIELD, SHOOTTING POWDER< BUDSWELL....whatcha think??/ive never used this stuff before...but in strictly hydro id like to give them a nicer more organic taste towards the enddd..

Greets does any here or heard a strain named Caramel Kush?? Not really sure if its a true kush or not but the description says it was a cross of Kushage x Somango got the beans from a friend. He picked them up while out in Cali a few months ago (Cali Bean Bank) is the breeder/distributor. I have never grown out either of them strains and dont know what to expect as far as potentcy, yield etc...thanks!
How is Kush? I've noticed a lot of people are growing it now adays...Is it a heady or more of a couchlock? I've got blue venom, and the church, and bb blue cheese...Can't wait to try them out! Starting to think about next grow now!