Lack of education? Call for help.

Dear friends,
I've been following the site for a long long time and I have learned a lot from the community here for which I'm deeply grateful , one thread led me to another and... boom! I had an idea - open a medical marijuana cultivation facility.
I've already done that in Europe, but now as I have to expand I'm having issues with educating the employees. Not that I don't have time to do it myself, but I want to place them in environment that would show them what happens when you put too much nutrients or over-water, or how to deal and prevent and deal with different bacteria/fungi/insects.
I would like to pay for their education so they can become Master/Lead growers after they are done.
The problem is the majority of the courses are either online, the universities are based in USA or Canada and I'm unable to find anything close to Europe. The perfect education cycle should be somewhere around 3-9 months.
I've found some options that suit my needs in Canada, but I'm worried that it wouldn't be applicable in Europe because of the different climate and "fauna".

Any help would be appreciated!
So I need to move to Europe? I think you have a good idea as I see new growers stumbling over the basics constantly. A cannabis clinic similar to a vegetable veterinarian?