Leaf Septoria Or Deficiency?

Grow Info:
-4x4 tent with 4in exhaust fan/passive intake
-600w timber cobs vero29 3500k
-FFOF soil / perlite / no nutes yet since soil is quite hot
-Light training and topping on all plants
-Currently in veg with 18/6 lighting

Oh boy.... I think i got a problem on my hands. So I noticed a strange "dead" looking spot on the leaf of one of my smaller plants a week ago and didn't think much of it. However, I noticed a second one on another one of my bigger plants and some small, pointy feeling yellow dots on a 3rd plant today.

This is my first grow so this is my first time experiencing this issue. I did some research and found that it might be leaf septoria but I wasn't 100% since the infected leaves were towards the top of the plant not the bottom and there is just one spot on the whole small plant not multiple.

Maybe I am just trying to be optimistic but could it be a cal/mag deficiency? I am feeding all of my plants dechlorinated tap water at ~75ppm.


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They are normal imo, if the plant looks healthy over all then its not a deficiency. What you are feeling as pointy spikes could be the inner veins of the leaves, i have a light feeder WW in my tent right now which i overfed with compost and enzyme teas and the veins of the leaves look like they are on steroids right now and it feels like what you’ve described. I see yours look like that too, the culprit was too much N and alfalfa tea for me.
These are opinions of a newbie by the way.
Edit; i wrote about my experience haven’t given any advice, i think you should stop with the N for a while, especially for the one with pointy spikes, that one also looks droopy have you watered before taking the pics?
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I haven't given any nutrients to them yet but maybe it was from my soil being too N rich. And ya that plant is a little droopy from a few beginner mistakes along the way. Didn't water before pics gonna water her tomorrow morning. Its been a few days.
Thanks for the insight