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i just started a mini cabinet 1m x 0.5m, divided in veg and bloom areas as follow flo: 123 cm height
veg: 60cm height

lighting for flo: 240w (2x120w) LED lights
for veg: 120w(3x40w) CFL bulbs

medium is 100% coco
nutes GHE using H3ad's formula (micro 6ml/bloom 9ml x gallon)
currently i dont have anything going on flowering room so I am using it with one of the Led to veg my 2 Pure Ak & Iced Grapefruit from FMS

i put them directly to coco and they sprouted in 3 days 100% germ rate

now they are on day 3 getting nutes 1/4 strength
temperture is around 24~26C
IMG 0966
IMG 1002

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