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Too much light bro! The LED is punishing the plant just after flip, see lots of people do this, myself included. They don’t look nearly as bright to ya as they do to the plants. Everyone who I’ve seen have this same issue has bounced back hard after dimming their lights down to 50-60% for the first week of flower then the ramping up 5-10% per day until you get to max power. FYI I’m a CMH/HPS/LED grower and we’re all learning with the jumps in tech.
Happy growing bro!

Most people can't afford or rent a par meter, that cost several hundred that they might not use more than once a year, to realize that their 30-50w per sqft lighting is probably too strong either at a certain height and or at a certain wattage. I have some Jack Herer that can't handle 480w at 12" but at 18-24" it's fine whereas I can run at 4" with a Malawi x Panama strain.

Daily light integrals can help alleviate light stress and save even more power since a plant can only take so much light, schedules/nutrients/watering/temperatures/humidity/light height all have to be adjusted. I grow my vegetables with LEDs and 8 hours of light is all they need because the light is so strong.


I dont think this lux meter is way to go using leds.just checked at 19 1/2 inches lux is 42.000k.. i have a plant in same room 3ft away at 20k lux lol..buds look good..
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