LED side lighting in 250w vertical setup.

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Would LED side lighting improve growth of flowering in vert 250 watt setup?
It seems with vert and plants surrounding, the plants seem to take longer to mature/finish
as you spin them around every few days and rear branches have no lumens.

I was thinking installing led side light and/ or top led lights it would improve the yeild and flowering time.
also i want minimal usage in wattage, any more than 250 watts and i d be better off having a seperate 250 watt vert setup imo...Would LEDs on each wall use more than that?
120cm by 120cm by 120cm


I think LEDs would work just fine in a side-lighting situation (this is how the grow shop near me uses some of the Kessil 150's they display), but the price of the LEDs may not end up paying off nearly as much as you'd like. That being said, the small form factor of the Kessil 150's may end up being your best bet, and they don't cost nearly as much as the panel units.

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