Legends of Cannabis

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I'm in the process of building a marijuana family tree on a family tree website so it is easier to navigate and we can start documenting all of the new crosses and phenotypes that the community finds as well as all the classics.

The way I see it: It all started in the 60's and 70's with people collecting seeds from all over the world and keeping seeds from imported bud. Thai, Colombian, Mexican, eventually Afghan hash plants that had been bred for generations. There are other relevant landraces, notable ones including indian, brazilian and african genetics but these are basically the building blocks of cannabis as we know it today.

Just for fun I compiled a list in chronological order of cannabis legends of the western world. We are really in the first 50 years of really developing this plant and learning about it.

Split into generations kind of: but some early generations are still active.

1. Landrace collectors who brought seeds from abroad and importers of exotic marijuana.

2. Haze Brothers and Sam the Skunkman and their circle of friends.

3. Old School Growers in Oregon/Norcal who were growing different hybrids coming from the skunks and the afghans.
(Unknown Dog bud aka mother of Chemdog 91 and ancestor of OG Kush, Sour Diesel possibly among them.)

4. Neville Shoenmaker and shortly after that Shantibaba brought over the Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze which are the building blocks of most of amsterdam's seeds. They also found the indian indica and brazilian sativa that spawned the white widow and white rhino lines. Also created super silver haze among many others.

5. The original Chemdog 91, D, 4 recipients. Chemdog being the one who got the seeds originally. But this level includes PBUD and Topdawg and a few others. Possibly the most legendary of the generations because they brought about the chem line and the og line.

6. The guys working on the 5th generation's crosses to further refine. OGraskal, Archive, Franchise and others.


Great idea. It would be interesting to see for sure. I swear I saw something on seedfinder.eu that had something like that going on. It was more or less a pie tree/graph. Keep us posted man!


Thats sick. I'm still looking through it. I did not know there was a green crack dawg. Nice! I lost my stardawg. Still a bit shitty about that. Reminds me I gotta work on getting her back.


Yeah its called Appalachia. Great mix of the two strains. That one was done by H & L if I'm not mistaken. I really love the genealogy stuff I'm glad you like it. You can also see different branches like where the haze comes from and such by clicking the little pink and blue top right buttons on strains
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