Lets Have Some Fun. Show Me Your Uglies :)


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Got this idea from another site and thought it might be fun to try here.

Lets play show n tell of the plants that you were too embarrassed to even show your friends or post any pics of online.

This can include any anomalies, mutants, bad enviros and the results thereof. Plants that were represented as a xyz strain and upon growing it was clear it wasn't. I think you all get the idea.

I think I will get the ball rollin with these. Got them as freebies a few years back from WOS and was labeled "Wild Thai".
The following pic is what I ended up with. Strangest looking plants I have ever seen. Hardly any calyxes, no bud structure to speak of, leafy as a MOFO mostly 1 fingered leaves and the smoke was horrible. I've never seen a industrial hemp plant up close but these plants reflect what I would imagine comm hemp to look like. I renamed the strain " Bad Hair Day" LOL

So come on with it famers show me you bad and uglies!!!!!! Dont be shy we wont tell anyone. Or what you could do is say well this isnt my grow pic, its a a buddy of mine that grew this freak.. :p
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Sooooo.View attachment 614937 these few cookies from seed look like shit.View attachment 614938 The 100+ weather..... Still going to flip and flower.
LOL I dry/burnt my baby cookies I'm currently working on, but they recovered fast after taking off the crispy leaves.. also... this one, one of the sugar black rose clones that got burnt...

She's coming back though!

I don't take pics of shit looking plants unless I'm looking for help.
Haha! Things are under control these days, but as is displayed I fucked up royally in the past. I'm on the biowar regiment these days combined with cleaning and workflow routines, and not sourcing genetics from outside clone sources. Gotta learn from mistakes otherwise what's the point.