Lets see your 2020 Outdoor Plants!

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Hey can you explain to me what that is and how to do it
You buy a timer. One that goes down to minutes. You buy air valves. Drill 2 holes in bucket. One on side of bottom, one on side of top. Buy air tube from pet store. Run a line from pump, to bottom hole in bucket. Put a valve on end of line so air can only enter the bucket. Then put a small line in the hole on top of bucket, coming out. Put a valve on end of line also. Air can only leave, not come back in. So now you have a pump connected to air line coming in bottom of bucket. And a line letting air out the top of bucket. When your pump turns on, it pushes fresh air into the bucket, and pushes the old green air out. The valves are there to keep everything air tight, when pump is not on. Its just an automatic burping system really. Idea came from a cali farmer
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