Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

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Heya Frankster so well said!!!! It’s weird that even though we have been legal in Canada for a couple of years now when I mail an oz at a time to friends and family when I go to the post office I still get anxiety like crazy and feel like a criminal. I’ve been smoking since I was 13 that’s 50 years now you’d think that I would get over it by now but the 9 mths behind bars at 17 yrs old scared me for life…..
I would watch out having convos in the comments they get deleted, unless that’s only for certain People.
Tasty Buds

Tasty Buds

Sorry folks I got off topic my bad! I’ll refrain myself from comments that aren’t about flowers that are posted. Peace my fellow growmies!!
So comments about flowers ARE, or not allowed?
If we're commenting, or asking a question, how is that not helpful?
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