Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

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Don't know if it qualifies as frosty, but I think they're pretty
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Pink animal crackers, mosca seeds about 8 weeks. Accidently broke the main branch when trying to lean it, said f it and folded her in half. Really expected trouble, but best I can tell, she's just pretty.


I finally have something worth posting about. Nothing serious yet as far as frost, BUT this was my hospital tent with 4 plants I brought back from basically the dead. The Runtz aline went from near death, to being yanked out of soil, roots chopped and stuck in hydro and put into flower. Shes LOVING it. Atleast i finally have some decent bud going again.
My outdoor plants are looking AMAZING aswell as my 3x3 in, but in veg, no frost so nothing worth posting pics about on this thread
(In veg:Sour Stomper, Critical 2.O, Sasquatch, Blueberry, Northern Light, Marleys Grim, Aliens Vs Triangle)
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