Let's see your outdoor grow 2022

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Up/mid state NY here.
So glad I kept my girls in their little 12x7 greenhouse..
Just closed the doors for first time all year.
With a decent sized dehumidifier running 24/7 I have hope.
So glad not to be open air..
The greenhouse might be the best $125 spent so far. They're not just for spring?
Picture right before the dehumidifier was installed last weekend.
Short season saver for sure IMO.
DSC 0158


Well, we got mauled by yet another freak thunderstorm last night, im sitting here drinking my coffee, trying to get the nerve up to go out and assess the damage, sometimes I envy those who grow under totally controlled conditions , that is until I look out my bedroom window and see the almost continuous four foot cola growing fatter by the day on one of my girls. That huge ball of plasma that forever tugs on our planet and will one day consume it amazes me in its unparalleled ability to make all the pain of past storms seem so distant and inconsequential. heres a pic of one of the five gallon girls from last year, ill post some of this years when I figure out how to use this new phone my wife got me.
Sun-grown, baby. Totally concur, very well-said. Trying to mitigate those uncontrollable risks that come along with the rewards of this wild and wonderful way to grow is pure nature, I love it. My favorite smoke ever was outdoor from Cali, not even grown by me. Something about it.
@steamroller That greenhouse is fire!!

I just pulled the soggy plastic off my make-shift greenhouse, and shook the little bit of residual moisture off the ladies, and I seriously almost passed out from the smell, it was so strong and pungently sweet. Crazy. I'm definitely going to go the @Deadstill route and rinse these buds off at harvest, tho, as I'm seeing poop, and slime trails, and cottonwood, and all kinds of love signs around my precious nugs.

Looking at the local 10-day, feeling blessed and grateful that we're looking in the clear here, and I should be able to give them the finish they deserve. Getting some cool colors coming in on the 2 early birds:
IMG 0910
IMG 0912
IMG 0913

The Jan Brady pheno is so different-looking and far behind, but smelling similar, and I'm betting will fade into some unique looks!
IMG 0914

Gosh, I love these plants so much
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