Light Cycle Change Effects? Question

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Hi everyone, my first post here and my first grow ever! All going well.

So I'm a day or two away from harvesting a photo-period plant in my grow room. It's on a 12/12 cycle. I have 3 more photo-periods ready to be put inside the grow tent, I've been waiting on my first plant to finish to put them in, to due to limited grow space/light cycle.

a couple weeks ago, I put a few auto flowers in the grow room, without really planning for them much 😅. My question is will switching the autos from 12/12 to 18/6(Veg hours), cause to much stress on them? Or would it be worth mainting the light cycle they're accustomed to (12/12).

Flowring strain - Highlander - Ocean Grown Seeds

Autos -
Gorilla Cookies Auto
Purple Haze Auto
Purple Lemonade Auto

Coast of Maine - Platinum Growers Mix
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