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Hey everyone,
Long time enjoyer, first time grower/poster.
I found a nice setup on Craigslist for what I think is a good price, but am reading conflicting reports on how to use the lights I have.
4x4 Gorilla Shorty tent
amare SolarEclipse 450+UVB LED
Growing in fox farm happy frog
No nutes as yet

These appear to be pretty powerful lights, is there some general information on how far to keep them from seedlings? I’m afraid I’m getting stretching but the ppfd is higher (using iPhone app to get reading) than what I’ve read is recommended already. Then I read some guys grow journal and he was saying he had his lights 22 inches from the seedlings until they were 6 inches tall. But that blows up the Ppfd levels. I’m not able to find any user guides for the light, and everyone seems to skip from seeds to nice little bushes without giving details on how they got there!
If anyone knows these light or can just give some general guidelines, would be much appreciated!

I’m eight days in, they 2-3” tall with still just the two leafs and no sign of more..
Can’t tell if they stretching or getting too much light or not enough or...?



When I read about those lights it were mentioned they need to be put higher up than many other lights.

Have you tried emailing amare directly?


Hi Goblin, thanks for the reply. I did send email requesting this info yesterday, they will “respond shortly”. Hope it’s soon as my plants are either loving having these lights 22” (not the COB lights) away blasting them with 800 ppfd’s, or they screaming to stop. Can’t tell yet...
As I saw it, when I had the lights at 40” at 300, they were stretching with too thin stems.
I just changed to 22” based on iampepe’s blog using these exact lights and his grow killed!
here’s hoping...
Happy 420 all!
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