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ok so my plants are growing fine now. But I have done nothing to them and had not really planned on it, as this is my first grow and I really just want to focus on getting the plant from beginning to end alive and that is all. Next grow will be altering some stuff.

BUT. I have a bit of an issue going on, the lower couple nodes have begun to shoot branches out and these branches are LITERALLY pushing up into the bottom of larger leaves on the higher nodes( the large leaves that come off main stalk in pairs).
So a couple of issues are coming to mind for me.
A) these branches are not getting much.. if any light due to the large leaves shadowing them completely.
B.) The larger leaves are pushing these branches down as they appear small and delicate still.. and I worry this is going to make them either have stunted growth or grow awkwardly.

So I guess I am just asking.. will this correct itself?
Will this cause the lower branches to stunt or die?

And should I.. can I allow this to go naturally.. or should I do something to help. Or let it go. If so , what?

I feel like this is what LST is truely for to help these lower branches get proper light. My problem is I have 2 plants only . And idk wtf I am doing, especially since these are just 2 bag seeds from some haze I chucked in my wifes regular veggie garden and happened to thrive lol.

Anyways I was wondering if LST is needed.. and if so could somebody be a bit specific for me, as far as how to do it, I do not know if I should tie the LOWER BRANCHES out from the leaves over shadowing them a bit sideways maybe and a little out. OR tie the LARGE LEAVES up.. or something..

Thank you and sorry for rambling . Just do not want a healthy plant growing well to snuff itself out with overgrown leaves killing off potential budsites, since the plants goals to live long, and my goals as much bud as possible..


You can prune off the offending fans but your new so leaf tuck, see in the pic the branch is being blocked by the fan? Well you move the fan over 1 way and the branch the other, you have to be gentle but gently move the fan by bending it the way you want it to go at same time gently bend branch in oposite direction, you allso do push ups with your branches this will make them harden faster, i would prune em off but your new so just leaf tuck, if you were to leave it it will smash up against the fans, remember flower grows on branches, i run autos but it's the same, just be gentle there not hard yet so they bend but dont do it by the mainstem gently bend the branch about halfway bc you dont want it to snap, remember your gently bending the branch, as for the fans you grab it gently between thumb and forefinger and curve it in oposite direction. As time goes by and you learn more you can prune most strains dont mind it slows some others up a few days, but just be gentle, good luck.


Thank you.
I kind of assumed this as it seems common sense to move them in opposite directions to no longer be bumping, I just did not want to do it without asking and next thing I know i got branches snapping off I shouldnt of even touched lol.


One quick question.. If I removed just like the 2 fan leaves really pressuring the new growth would the smaller leaves underneath on the branches take over its responsibilities or do they have a different functjon and purpose than fan leaves.
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