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Rookie here, 1st time growing. All good so far. 3 week old plants. 2 side by side are medical ac/dc, white widow for the other. 4x4 tent, ffhf soil, mars 2000 (300w) led light. Just well water so far, but 1st round leaves are beginning to fade. So the plan is to start feeding the ff nutes very lightly, every other water, starting Tues., Which is next watering day. The white widow sure does have some fat leaves for supposedly 60/40 sativa. Anyway, i topped the two ac/dc. Does the stem actually split into two or does the closest branches just take over top dog spot ? They are 10" and 8" tall. White widow is 10" tall. Waiting for a good spot to top her. Net will be soon, maybe a week, then flip around week 5 or 6. Sound like a plan or am i about to screw up ? By the way, I have been slowly raising the lux while maintaining 24" between girls and light. The last week (2nd week outta ground) they have REALLY taken off growing !!!!! Now i see the huge issue with light hitting all branches. Might be time for some string. Pics taken with light on. Pics will be with light off from now on. They are a lot darker green than in pics. Sorry.
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