Living soil grow going south... and fast!

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Need help and fast with my grow. Growing autos using a mix of fox farm coco loco and natures living soil in 3 gal pots using only RO water (which i believe is causing my problems). Plants have been fine for the first 6 weeks. One plant started showing signs of defficiency a week ago which i have tried doing research but no solution for how far i am in the grow. Found out it is recommended from NLS that you should add cal mag if using ro water, so i added a half dose of cal mag which seems to be making it a lot worse. i also find alot of contradicting statements whether you need to pH the input water, or whether to use a compost tea or not. I tested my runoff pH to be in the low 5s, however i have no idea how to fix this or if i can at this point.

Ive heard that using just RO water strips the soil of alot of the essential minerals in the soil so im wondering if this is causing the low runoff pH and most likely a nutrient lockout. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The plant 5 days ago:
Living soil grow going south and fast

The plant 2 days ago when i added cal mag:
Living soil grow going south and fast 2

Heres the plant today:
Living soil grow going south and fast 3


Calmag always with RO! Use it as a buffer to stabilise PH too. In general
Add around 200ppm of Calmag then add nutes and ph anywhere between 6-7 soil. Don’t obsess over it just get it in range.
Unfortunately, the damage is already done so just back off the lights and nutes to give them the best chance to make it through to harvest. Good luck
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