lockout or deficiency in coco

I was thinking it may be over watering as well, but the 3 other rows in this room don’t have these problems. They’re absolutely shitting on these plants. So it should be a nutrient issue, it’s an Indica dominant hybrid if anyone was wondering as well. Going to feed at 1.0 EC later and test run off. And thank you everyone for your help!! 2 pages of replies and in other forums can barely get a few sometimes. THC farmer rocks.
Because the other plants are fine means nothing. No matter how hard you try they won’t all grow roots at the same rate. THAT particular plant, looks to me that the roots are dying off.

Aqua Man

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You’ve never grown in coco before but you say I’m wrong in my assessment?
Reading a plant is reading a plant I don't care what media it's in... So yes I'm saying you are wrong in your assessment.

Root issues in any media show the same signs... Over watering in and media shows the same signs.

Don't dodge the question.... What signs are you seeing its over watered?
Not seeing any signs of it... I can see after transplant. I have never grown in it but know a few people that do. I mean anything is possible but I don't see those signs at all.
After a couple weeks you're Golden. These plants have other issues and it's not overwatering. You're right tho. Let them keep going and see what happens. Flush and lightly feed and see if you can get them back on track. The worse that can happen is low yield or death. Just another learning experience.