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Hiya from London, England - where the greenery situation has been pretty bad for about a year, like many other mature, responsible adult caners I'm doing something I should have done YEARS ago - growing my own.

My problem is a serious lack of space...if you saw my pad you'd see how little room there is, only just room for for a small budbox/frame. mrs is pregnant in the next month or two we're going to put in an insulated shed outside for me :)

I've got some 6x OG Kush seeds from DNA (feminised) and the plan is to germinate them, select a mum, and then establish a mother/propagation/clone room in a small budbox in a corner...and spend the next couple of months getting a mum and clones sorted. Then, once I've got this fancy shed outside, move the mother room in there and get a med/lg budbox and grow 9 plants. Probably going to go hydro as was really impressed by The Green Man's vid (have watched a few inc. Cervantes, but his seemed lovely). Will prolly hold off on the CO2 part until I know what I'm doing and can be sure I'm not going to asphyxiate myself in my shed :) (btw, it's a flood and drain for the flowering side and a dripper for the other)

Couple of questions:

- is OG Kush a good indoor strain for a nub?
- i'm not sure I can keep the temp constant in the shed through winters and summer...i'll put an oil heater in with a thermostat, but it's not ideal - will my plants/growing suffer?

Thanks and really happy to be here. If they hadn't shut down all the big growrooms in that operation last year or the year before I wouldn't be getting green fingers - but there's no other choice...and actually, it might be a blessing in disguise if I can turn out my own kush or G13 haze one day (soon!) :)



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hey FF welcom to the farm, this is just a intro forum if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the correct sections :D


Hey Fast Forward,

I'm a Brit myself, and I went through the same thing a few years back when the fuzz stepped up their busts and all that happened was the rise of grit (congrats UK fuzz, job well done).
Once you start growing you'll never look back.

Drop me a line if I can be of any advise.

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