Looking For A Simple Organic Soil.

who can help me with this? looking for a simple organic soil that wont take me weeks to find 15 amendments, looking for a simpler organic soil for an indoor grow. any recipes for a first time organic head would be great. don't think i want to use a tea for my first organic grow so something were i can just water and go would be great thanks ahead of time.
Tga supersoil is a good place to start on a mix, however if it were me I would be using the mills DNA 99 day super soil comes pre mixed with everything you need to not feed a run and the consistency is probably my favorite of all soils because it contains a lot of coco. Would still recommend brewing tea though don't let it scare you it's just dechlorinated water earthworm castings and a food source(molasses, or even better and cheaper azamax and soluble kelp) bubbled in a bucket for 12-72 hrs. It's really easy and fun and plants respond well to having the added bacteria and microbes! And anyone who can smell will be able to tell wether or not it went sour during the process(it will smell like dead animal). But that has only happened to me once when a buddy poured old stagnant tea water in my brewer to see what would happen.
No it's not connected to general mill the food company. They are actually house and gardens main competitor in Europe. They offer great nute will be running there line on my next grow. Everyone I know who tried there line were really stoked on the simplicity and quality they got. With that said I don't think that what label on your bottle plays that big of a difference on your final outcome. But the 90 day soil I threw some mothers in it cause I had a couple bags and I threw a single mom in the roots original, the 90 had way healthier root system as I just chopped them the other day to make more room.
We are working on our website currently I don't think the products are up and I know we currently don't have it in shop but feel free to send an email or call the shop anytime and we can definitely get that sent out to you via the mail closed x mas sorry.
Also I would like to point out that I got my bags for free the first time. I'm not one of those guys that like over priced products but my first impression was good however, that may change if the final price of a bag of soil is over 15 dollars. (1.75 cu ft or 50 liters)
if u dont wanna mix or cook any soil. use 50/50 Roots Organics Original Potting Soil + Roots Organics 707.
I like to add 20-30% of their Marine Green or any other quality worm castings. as well to that mix. super easy and affordable and can plant right away. will give enough nutrition thoughout veg, going into flower you can top off your pots with few ammendments, or use an easy organic nutrient regimen. Get into compost teas for much better and healthier plants.
the tga super soil works great as far as low maintenance. they recommmend you buy both bags of tga. the super soil bag needs to be diluted, runs pretty hot so they tell you to buy their "premium potting soil" to layer it with. i just used more roots greenfield for layering. i used #5 pot. ive also tried layering with cocoa peat. ive tried top dressing with different things. def beware if you feed anything cuz the soil is purty damn hot but i know a couple people who will feed a couple splashes week four or 5 instead of top dressing with more supersoil or other organic materials.
I mix full bags of ingredients to make a batch of soil.
Big bag of ProMix.
Big bag of Down to Earth compost.
Bag of Down to Earth EWC.
3 lb. bag of each Miracle-Gro Blood and Bone meal.
One box of Down to Earth high P bat guano.

Mix well and use.
Too hot for seedlings or clone plugs.
Miracle gro huh? hahahahahha fuck monsanto why would you even think about putting that in..... and you call yourself organic? Sorry if i seem pissed but this is an organics forum, not chemicals or any of that shit
I run the TLO kick. I do use teas too, though.

This is for 25-35 gallons of mix. (I've variated up or down with more or less up to 10 gallons to make sure its still viable)
It's good to go once you mix it, not too hot or anything.

Sunshine #4 w/mycos, the 3.96cu if i remember correctly
10-20% roots organic ewc (i like it because it has biochar too) I use a whole bag to a whole bale of soil.
15-20% perlite
1 cup kelp meal
1 cup fish bone meal
1 cup Phos or Nitro or both, depending on how long/when/if you're vegging into flower in the same pot.
just shy of 1 cup of crab crustacean meal
1/4cup of azos powder
1 cup of dr.earth's secret 7
1 cup of powdered water soluble molasses (optional)
top dress with uprising grow/foundation/bloom (optional)
top dress with powdered silica (i do this everytime)

I have used this mix for awhile, and i never get deficiencies. Then i use teas with the same ingredients listed above (minus the perlite/soilless). Plus, you can keep amending your soil if you need teas, to the point, maybe 3-4 harvests in, where your plant really wont require much of anything but water, and will just be richtering.

Happy growin

Miracle gro huh? hahahahahha fuck monsanto why would you even think about putting that in..... and you call yourself organic? Sorry if i seem pissed but this is an organics forum, not chemicals or any of that shit
The reason I use Mirical gro blood and bone meal is that's what I can get and my understanding is that these products are as organic as the same thing by other providers.
I could be wrong about that.
Is your beef against the company or the material?