Looking for assessment of LST attempt ☺️

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Intriguing... I think you would be an interesting fella to blaze with. I want to steal your secrets 🤫

Day 83 from seed. 36 days of 12/12. Gonna get a different light for next grow that will take them to the next level. Lots of integrated UV. Pretty happy for my first try though. But definitely want to hear what you have to say on LS

Your plants look awesome! Sativa's are easier to work with than Indica's because Indica stems are a little more woody I like stressing my plants the last week before harvest to increase terpenes and THC. I flush until the water is clear then bend the stems. I will withhold water until the last day of harvest. I place in a dark area for the last two-three days. The day before harvest, I flush one more time. I harvest early in the morning before the sun comes up he next day.
Compare and contrast late flower LST with the flight or flight system humans have. When fight or flight is activated in humans, the body shunts blood to major organs with catecholamines raging, likewise, I'm trying to recreate this in plants before harvest stressing them out causing an increase in terpene production and a increase in THC. This photo shows what it looks like a couple of days before harvest. I'll put these in a dark area for a couple of days then harvest. These are Indica's two days from harvest. I vegged one week then flowered for two months~. The other pics show the buds of my LST photo. Yes I'm making seeds.


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