Looking for some Duke Diamond's Dominion Seed gear. trade buy wanted polecat 91bx munson 6 milli dominion skunk anything with skunk 1

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justin black

justin black

Hey I have been looking for the old school skunk for sometime. I just recently found someone who has it but sad part is he's in jail right now for doing nothing. His name is Duke Diamond. He's grew up in Virginia as a kid and grew on a farm. Which is very similar to me I grew up in Alabama on Chicken Farm and grew. I found Blue Skies Vienna has 200 a pack old school skunk but I'm pretty sure he is fake.Another is Natures Farm and he supposed to have a Uncle Fester 18 skunk. Idk if it real. But I do know that Duke Diamond Dominon Seeds has the real deal and only 120 a pack if you get them from Duke. Does anyone want to trade for some. I have GMO seeds, Kush Mints clones,Rainbow Cake, Tangieland. Lots of new stuff. I want to buy or trade for some of Dukes Gear. Here's the strains I want to try Polecat 91bx, Munson, Dominion skunk,6 milli, anything crossed with the skunk I really want to try. If you want to sell or trade a pack please send me email [email protected]

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