Looking to Buy a 3rd light Suggestions?

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Before you read my please be advised i dont care about HPS lights. I got a 400W. Please dont post here about "just get a hps" or "your wasting your money buy an HPS" I just dont care about it. I enjoy not having to worry about heat, and potential fire hazards

Thank you.

hey guys I have 2 240w blackstars and I'm looking to add a 3rd I don't wanna break the bank a 3rd but I want this one to be more powerful then the blackstars, and I want all 3 in in one 4x2 area. Sure the blackstars are doing just fine for my 6 plant grow but I always want more lol, im a creature of habit.

Also my nut line up is H&G coca a b drip clean bloombastic sweet and I threw in some hydroplex too really bust up the buds as I finish week 6. I had to switch nuts and lights in this grow so what normally would be done in 8 I for see going 9 or 10.

Does anyone have any experience with bloombastic I'm really not noticing any difference between it and when I did a whole botanicare line. I might go all H&G on my next run when I start up some new statins I been waiting to try out in qleaner qrazy train, and I got a white widow big bud mom going now as well. I grow only for personal I tore my ALC twice in a bad snowboarding accident, I hate taking pills so I found a more organic pain med and I been feeling great.

Any and all advice is welcome along with suggests for nut line ups


How are your blackstars doing? Do you have any pics? I dont want to sound like a broken record but my buddy bought a Sun Clone. He has tried other LED lights and he said this one produces buds like no other! I believe the blackstar uses LED's and the Sun Clone uses semi opto-conductor's. I have been doing alot of research myself and I am in the process of buying these lights too! They said these are more of a commercial grade light so they are not cheap BUT you get what you pay for. I hope this may help you. Oh ya you can find the lights here- www.improvedled.com

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