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Hi everyone,

Wanted to introduce myself before I begin to post. I live in a state that recently passed some laws in my favor, although growing is yet to be legal (soon). I smoked a lot in high school and college and then took some time off. I'm in my late 30's now and recently had a medical prescription that was vape only. I could not pick my strains and on one occasion had a bit of a paranoia attack (mixed with booze and probably too many hits). This happened once when I was younger using gravity bongs. Moral of the story, I'm a few puffs to relax kinda guy.

I should note that I have a seizure disorder, while not epilepsy I do have a low seizure threshold, I take medicine for this, but one of the triggers can be dehydration, being hungover, not enough sleep, stress etc. For this reason I'm more interested than ever to use bud vs alcohol to destress. I have no intentions of smoking for creativity or energy. I have a stressful job in executive management and 3 kids. I just need to chill the F out sometimes.

Anyhow, I'm an avid grower of vegetables and looking at grow kits, types of grows and methods and to be honest it's a little overwhelming. I'm an engineer by trade so I will research something to death and hence why I joined the forum. I think I'm also realizing I'll need to do an indoor grow as my northern state might be a little tough to do any sort of outdoor indica grow.

To start I'm looking at auto indica's like northern lights as i remember it from my youth. And I'm hoping to build an indoor beginner grow for sub 500 if that's possible. I would prefer to start small and build upon it if the hobby/habit takes root. Sorry for the dad pun.

Thanks for any advice and sorry for the essay.


Welcome - I love that you are looking to grow your own medicine. This is a great community, so you should feel comfortable posting questions and receiving wonderful feedback. I too am growing small using (2) tents, one is a 3x3 and hte other is 4x4. I think you can definitely get a decent setup for less than 500, but I would consider buying a good grow light (not blurple amazon stuff) so if you can swing it...maybe 700$ total budget would be a solid mediocre setup without cutting corners.
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