Losing round after round..what is it?

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Maybe I do need to get them off the ground nowadays to help prevent anything crawling on the ground to get right up into to roots, but that space I think would become negligible if there's any pests in that room they'll find the roots.
I have been searching and searching and the problems are too similar to some other experienced growers who are pointing to a mostly undiagnosed, microscopic soil mite that breeds in the warehouses where its stored before it gets delivered to retail accounts. I searched and read through just about every thread regarding russet/broad/cyclamen, bulb and mould(mold) mites. The fungus gnats came from the bags of coco, we found young flyers on a vent in the room where the bags are kept first, and then the yellow stickies we already had in the plants. Its either I didnt eradicate the root aphids well enough in order for new plants to grow, which if is the case, they have survived rotated pesticides persistently.
Or theres something up with the new coco we have been using. The last round of plants that were finished, were in the original bags of coco from 6 hours away. Every round since put in the locally available bags went to crap, no matter the ipm protocol we attempted. The only thing left that people are now swearing by is the biosafe foamer setup. I have heard of stories this year from growers about not being able to solve their pest problem until they switched both places of purchase, and brands of media. The cuts from already RA damaged mothers had to take on new, compromised coco and they have been suffering.
I was hoping someone would see the pictures of lacking growth and be able to identify the pest problem as I can now with root aphids since the initial infestation. I cant blame the bags for killing my plants, but I threw out all the bags, bombed and sprayed the storage room and drove 6 hours their and 6 back to get the old bags from the clean place.
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