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Hi All,

I have issues with drying, curing and losing smell and color in my harvested buds. I thought everything went great during the dry of my last plant but still smells only vaguely like weed. The smoke isn't that instantly recognizable weed smell and I have no hay smell. Potency hasn't been an issue, they're plenty potent.

So I hang dry whole colas in the grow tent, all big fan leaves and smaller fans within the buds removed at 55-58% RH, 66-68 degrees. They went 9 days to get the small bud stems snapping off the main branch, they were crispy on the outside. I did a dry trim of the sugar leaves into the jars they went. RH in the jars at 60 / 61%. They're still a bit spongy but have no taste. From week 7 on they stunk like lilac and lavender and I harvested at almost 10 weeks with mostly cloudy, some clear and a few amber trichomes.
The small stuff I tested two weeks and one week prior to harvest tasted like bubba should so where did I go wrong?
The plant was manifolded, vegged for 13 weeks and I had no environmental issues. Temps throughout flowering were 68-70 lights off, 76 - 79 lights on and I kept vpd as close as I could to the recommendations at all times. I used pure blend pro, grow, bloom, sweet raw, karma and cal-mag. Chilled 600watt LED.

Prior to this plant, I had a batch that got too warm and when I got home from work they were dry as hell and lost all taste and moisture. I can understand that, but most others seem to go well but all seem to lose a lot of flavor and odor even when still a bit moist. I can post photos of the plant and buds if it would help.


I really have no clue on your situation as it could probably be many variables but if you are looking for flavor and you are a soil grower YOU MUST TRY gypsum. Sulfur (Sulfate) is key.
Please elaborate as I use gypsum as my cal/Mag supplement. I’m a new grower so I wish I could help. My temps and RH were in a similar range. They smoke smooth and taste good and also smell good. I have noticed however some strains come out better than others. I grew 4 different ones and one did turn out not as good. Don’t give up you will get it dialed in eventually and you’re atleast making it to harvest. A lot of ppl don’t even get to have this problem so you’re doing something right. Good luck ✌️


I can't tell you why you aren't getting stronger scents. In the rare times when I was not happy with a cure, it was pheno and strain related.

That said, most people seem to start at about 60% RH, while I start higher and leave jars open to bring it down to about 65%. The result is almost always heavenly, except in those rare pheno or strain-related problems.

Keep in mind that there are light terps in freshly dried, uncured weed, that are lost during cure. Your cured weed won't have a scent as bright as it was originally.

I actually like fresh, uncured weed. The problem is it doesn't stay that way.
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