Lost Coast OG (fem), organic micro-grow

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Hello, everyone! This is a tread where I will post some pictures of my last LC OG grow and my current grow with some explaining to do, hehe.
I was growing a Psicodelicia (Sweet Seeds, also fem) and one Lost Coast OG - just two plants under 150w HPS light and 2x30w CFL's for the lower branches. I used my own compost mixed with homemade worm castings and added some good 15% perlite. The LC OG was a fast vegger in terms of width and the Psico was kinda normal, maybe a bit stretchy in the beginning. It was clear that the LC OG was going to be a great plant to grow - it had numerous side-branches and I was very eager to see how everything else goes.
I used Guanokalong's Guano - made an extract. 0,5kg of the Guano to 5l. of warm water. Kept stirring energetically and frequently for 5 days and started using 20ml/l of that extract when the first flowers appeared. At week 6 I was at finishing doses of 50ml/l. Also, I was giving them some homemade seaweed-extract, some nettle-extract and Humic Acids from a local vendor (started with 10ml/l and then raised it to 50-60ml/l). I flushed at day 49 and harvested both plants at day 70 of 12/12.
Here are some pictures of the LC OG, in chronological order.
Day 25 of 12/12
top -
Day 25 005+OG.jpg
, side-branching -
Day 25 013_OG.jpg

Day 31 of 12/12
top -
Day 31 026.jpg
, side-brancing -
Day 31 014.jpg

Day 39 of 12/12 - just before the swelling started
top -
Day 39 002OG.jpg
, lower side-branches -
Day 39 014OG.jpg

Day 44 of 12/12 - already swollen up!
top a close-up -
Day 44 035.jpg
Day 44 003.jpg

Chopping Day 002.jpg
Chopping Day 022.jpg
Chopping Day 003.jpg

I hope you enjoyed reading the info and the looking at the pictures.
Now, a little more story, that would lead us to the second post!
So, as I told you, the OG showed male bananas and was very disappointed when I saw how many seeds there were... But, after I tried a small bud of that plant, it was all better and was actually considering my self to be VERY lucky! I had an amazing strain that had absolutely clear effect and was a no-ceiling smoke CROSSED to a Psicodelicia - a very strong strain, FULL of trichs and smelling like pure CANDY! I said to myself, that it would be nice to take off the edge that coming from the Psico and so a decision was made! I would grow some of those Psico x OG seeds and find the perfect male to pollinate a clone from the LC OG. And, as I promised, here is the connection to the next post. It's about this: [Psicodelicia x LC OG] x LC OG.
I want to thank Emerald Triangle for creating this beautiful, amazing and tasty strain! It's been a great pleasure growing it... and even more magnificent to smoke! My favourite strain so far! Although it hermied, I am going to much more of their gear soon - very soon! Only in regular form, just to be sure I don't open myself for more work, hehe. Well, it's a work I would enjoy, since I'm sure the other strains will be even better, but still - I wanna relax for a while and simply watch the herb grow.


So, here are some pics of the new strain... I don't know exactly how far it is into flowering, but my guess is it's about day 30 give or take a few days of 12/12. This time, they are in VERY small containers - only 1l. For comparison, they were in 12l. pots last time. Again, pretty much the same set-up, only no Guano this time. Also, I forgot to mention I was using palm-tree ashes last time as well - they are high in K, so I'm using it again. Again, some Humic acids, also very rich in K, but I'm using a bottled booster this time - BioBud from General Ogranics. 150w HPS - very old now... I had some severe thrips problem - was fighting them for almost TWO MONTHS and since the lights are old, babies were so stretchy in the beginning, that they couldn't stand up straight by themselves. I took them outside for a fortnight and that's pretty much how they got the thrips. Although, they perked up really nicely and I had to take them back in, so I could fight the thrips in a closed space... I thought that would be easier, but never tried to leave them outside and see if some kind of predator would hunt that thrips off. Anyway, since they were closer to the light, they seemed to love it and it leads us to this:

The smallest plant in the second picture in the center is S.A.G.E. - just to mention. :)
Well, I hope you enjoyed everything - sorry for the long posts, but I gotta say it's just how I am, though.






A pure organic bud is what you're are seeing, if you were thinking "Is that possible in 1l. pots under 150w HPS?!" and can't believe your eyes! :D :D :D Thanks, E.T. for your splendid work! I love how most plants have LC OG-like leaves and smell, but the bud-structure and taste are more from Psicodelicia. Plants look pretty much the same, except for their flowering times. Two plants are about a week or a week and a half ahead of others. Plant structure is identical to what my LC OG was - like a Christmas-tree, but the branches are a bit less and of a considerable shorter length. I guess the second one is based on the fact that my 150w. HPS light is kinda old and emits less light than usual.
I also came up with a name for the cross, after trying a small bud from the lowest branches. You know how TGA have their Third Dimension? Well, this one should be Multiverse! lol


28.07.12 007.jpg
28.07.12 021.jpg

28.07.12 032.jpg

Plants are doing fantastic, according to my criteria of desirable development! I am not trying to get plants to a green finish, I'm trying to get them to a clean, nei, the CLEANEST finish! I smoked some joints and I gotta say - no fuckin' trace of those green tastes and scents EVEN after a quick-dry AND a quick-smoke, hahah. I can't even begin to imagine what kind of aromatic magic they are going to gift me with, but I am more than glad with these ladies for now! All of them are getting covered by more and more trichs by the day, but one is extremely frosty and extra-aromatic! They've been on Muscovado (type of brown sugar) and water ever since the pictures from were taken - about 10 days ago. So many leaves are falling off and getting dry, that photosynthesis is probably barely evident for the needs of the plant to keep those leaves... And all the energy they're getting right now goes to terpenes and their production - no growth or new flowers... Only magnetic scents that pull your nose towards the plants and fill your nostrils with the BEST sensations ever! Little variation is evident, though - for now, there are two plants that smell a lot like diesel or fuel. One of them is also the biggest and the other one - the most frosty plant in the whole bunch (but it also has a sweet coffee layer to the aromatic mix, guessing from the Psico). The most beautiful plant has its place in the second picture. It has an extremely complex smell and the "highest" effect, haha. I will describe everything after a nice month of curing, hopefully.
I've been trying to get the best out of some number of plants (for my needs, at least) and I have never enjoyed a weed that looks green and "healthy" in the end of the grow as much I enjoy the-ugly-looking-leaves-falling-down plants, haha. ALL of my green plants have been harsher for the throat, have produced a heavier and more "liquid" smoke and I would ALWAYS get headaches if I smoked too much. .I've been told it's from the chlorophyll in the leaves and stuff - donno, but my experience says this is what I like better.
Until I had my first yellowing plants, I didn't think I was doing bad - I thought the herb I grew was great... But then, a soft smoke and explosive fruitiness just happened to hit me in combination with a "train" (hint: related to the strain's name, lol) and things changed after that, haha. I will do a full-green grow next time to show people it's not a genetic/growing "problem" that they're loosing their green foliage and prove the great results of the work of ET. :)
Next update - after harvesting. Positive vibes, mates!


Hey man, awesom pics and job really like your style of growing, it way much better when the leaves are yellow, I will wait till mine leves come yellow too :)
Thanks for the information :)
Peace !


Harvest shots!!!

Banana/melon cream pheno
11.08.2012 - chop 031.jpg

11.08.2012 - chop 027.jpg

Smells like a banana or a very ripe melon! Full of trichs, extremely potent on the quick-dry test. Can't wait for it to cure and give you guys a fine smoke report, hehe.

Hashplant Haze

11.08.2012 - chop 032.jpg

11.08.2012 - chop 030.jpg

Male bananas starting to appear on its top?! Should I harvest them and keep them or is it useless? I read that Soma is using this "over-ripe" method and lets particular plants develop male flowers - have you heard about that kind of stuff? He called his seeds organic, because he wasn't using the collodial silver method... Anyway, looks nice.
11.08.2012 - chop 008.jpg

Overall pic, just before the chop.

11.08.2012 - chop 002.jpg

As promised - pics of the pots. Smallest one - 400ml in the front, the two biggest ones - 1l. - in the back.

11.08.2012 - chop 037.jpg


Ok, so 9 days after the chop. Plants were cut down and I removed only the fan leaves - I felt like doing this, since it's very hot here and I wanted to give the plants some extra time to dry; I don't like it when they get dry too fast. :)
So, it took them only 9 days to be completely ready for jarring. Since they didn't really dry evenly, I prepared 9 jars for the 9 plants and put there everything in three stages. First, the main colas were dry - I presume it's because there weren't many leaves on them and I also focused on moving the air around them the most, since they are the most dense and I didn't want to take my chances with mold or anything.
After two days drying+curing in the jars, (first I opened the jars for 6 hours, the second day - for 4 hours), now they're all ready for curing and the jars shouldn't be opened for at least a month... When I'm going to upload some bud-porn and a smoke-report, lol.
The end result:
15 seeds in total were germinated. 2 plants died because of thrips and my late response to that. Out of these 15 seeds, 5 were a gift from a grower (different strains, he gave me about 30 seeds overall), 2 HP Haze, 2 S.A.G.E and 6 from my cross. One female haze, one S.A.G.E. and 5 females from my cross, I called Multiverse.

Unknowns are from my friend, both in 400ml. pots!

In grams:
HP Haze - 16gr. (600ml. pot)
S.A.G.E. - 11gr. (1l. pot)
Unknown #1(sweet-smelling Sativa-dom) - 8gr. (400ml. pot)
Unknown #2(rot-smelling and some skunk) - 10gr. (400ml. pot)
Multiverse 1,2,3,4 and 5 - 10-15gr. (1l. pots)
Overall - 94gr. from 9 plants in 1l., 600ml and 400ml pots, under 150w HPS for most of the time and 250w HPS for about 10-11 days. I also had a small plant that I thought would die or had actually died, but it recovered somehow and grew to the height of about 20cm. and produced about 2-3 grams, haha. So, it's closer to 100gr. than to 90gr. lol. Thank you very much for reading this far, haha! Stay high and if you wanna do it properly - do it with ET strains, hahah... ;)


Well, I let it go about 68 days - as all plants have got that much time to flower. I could as well go another 7-10 days - well, two plants from my cross actually could go further too - but, I didn't want to keep the light going for just 2-3 plants, you know? It seemed kinda inefficient.
I am looking forward very much to be able to grow some more Sativas! This is I think my first Sativa-dominant hybrid and I was amazed from that very first experience with it - smell, taste, effect, yield... HP Haze I guess has it all - I can't even begin to imagine what I could do with some strains like Super Silver Haze, Cannalope Haze, etc. You can see for yourself that the plant is still green, although I didn't want it to be - it has that "green" sensation when smoked, just a hint of it, but I feel it's there and that only makes me happier, 'cause it seems I've been doing very well for my own taste, haha. Of course, I'm sure it will be almost not evident after further curing.
Stay tuned for the BLASTING smoke report about the experiences with the super-strains from ET! :) Or, at least the cross with ONE of them, lol.


Very nice grow man, you convinced me into trying emerald triangle strains!
I should say something though, that hashplant haze didn't have male bananas as I can see.. Just some heavy foxtailing nuggets :p



Thanks for the kind words, mate!
I can say that you won't go wrong with ET, man! Their LC OG is a very clear and super-smooth herb. Smell is kinda subtle after the cure, but when you crack a bud, a lot of pepper and some faint sweetness fills up the room, very seductive aroma and taste! The effect is super clear with no downside on the end, unless you overdo like... A LOT! :D
The cross with Psicodelicia took that quality and the up-kick from the spanish strain witch made for a fast, creative and uplifting strain. The smell from most plants is a 50/50 mix of the two strains, but on my second run I found another keeper pheno - like the Banana from this grow - it was an absolute gem! Extremely soft on your head, makes you feel light, fast and calm. Not very strong smell and an amazing candy-like sweet taste.
As far as the HP Haze goes - I was surprised that it built so many towers and I hope I can get my hands on another strain like it, because it made my eyes very happy, hah!
Thanks again for the comment and just give ANY strain from Emerald Triangle a try - no worries.


Wow, your descriptions sound pretty delicious man :)
I would love to try the lemon diesel, cherry og, lostcoast og and blueberry headband!
But I have no idea what to expect in terms of yield with strains like this. I grow with 400w hps in 11 litre pots with superb quality soil and some liquid nutrients if I need them. But for now I grow hybrids of original landraces which always give me impressive results, especially those crazy indian sativas!
Anyway, I'll probably give them a try after the summer when I upgrade my growroom along with some other dank :)

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