Lost Coast Plant Therapy~ Product Of Humboldt County

What's the ingredient list?
Hi.. I don't know what the ingredients are in the product, but I did message them on facebook regarding the ingredients and I asked if the product was successful on killing Russet mites on Cannabis (medical marijuana ). ~I will post them when I find out. I had just gotten a flyer/paper on the product so it's new to me. Yes some things just sound too good to be true but, it don't hurt asking. IMO ~Julie
They messaged me back.. I asked, if it was successful on Cannabis? They said, oh Yes Absolutely. They originally created the product because they were organic farmers and other competing products never worked properly for them so they created their own. ~
Its oils and plant extracts, which is cool but only as a preventative, ive used those types of products before and tgey dont erradicate even spidermites unless very aggressively and continuously used for weeks, as outdoor farners we can only rely on tgat type stuff in early veg when tge pkants are under 5ftx5ft and bigger cus u have to soak the pkants and get all throught tge tree which is damn near impossible and super expensive wgen tge peodyct is 200 a gallon and a high dosage
But does it actually work?
I would say most likely not. The list of pesticides that work is pretty well known at this point. Best to stick to those. This is similar to mighty wash and the new age pesticides which are primarily oil with a small amount of known pesticide. mighty wash was pyrethrins, this one is more of a combination including soap, citric acid, and peppermint with it but still. the price is also a gouge, you could mix it up yourself for a quarter of that cost if you bought all the ingredients retail. neem oil, spinosad, dr. bronners peppermint or original, will all give you at least equal results for less. oil is also the component in these sprays that causes the foliage damage and this pesticide is full of it. just seems like a meh product with a ridiculously huge markup. i would pass on it and stick to the old standbys.
Since we cant get Avid or Bayer in Cali, we used Azamax then three days later hit them with malathion. (decided to hurry and hit em harder since the buds not big on the BD and GG4 and DOC OG and Blue Cookies and BOSS OG) Then going to hit them with LOST COAST PLANT THERAPY, and will keep hitting as long as they need it since its organic! And the Bubba kush is in a different area and has bigger buds, will be hit with the LOST COAST PLANT THERAPY every other day for five days or for as long as needed. Spraying these plants is an everyday chore anyways due to you can only get to so many of the plants before dark because there so big. By the time your done hitting all them one time its time to start over for a 2nd time spray. It takes 3 or sometimes 4 days to thourghly get 47 plants then still have to worry about another crop. ~ Julie
If you are having trouble with any bugs on label, do yourself a favors amd pick up a gallon. I know its pricey but damn, shit works. For hard to get rid bugs like russets you will need spray daily. But an ounce a gallon, a gallon goes a bit. For people having p.m, dudes like a charm, this stuff is. Also you can use as a soil drench, 10mls a gallon
Since we cant get Avid or Bayer in Cali, we used Azamax then three days later hit them with malathion. (decided to hurry and hit em harder since the buds not big on the BD and GG4 and DOC OG and Blue Cookies and BOSS OG) ~ Julie
You haven't been here for a while, let's hope you lost your whole crop and burned it since you sprayed MALATHION on your flowers.

The russets I got were resistant to Avid, Akari, Pylon and Forbid which is what I used in that order. Tetrasan knocked them back. JMS Stylet oil and Plant Therapy for the win. It’s 1 oz a gallon so a gallon makes 128 gallons. That comes to 1.56 a gallon. I bought a qt for $26 bucks. For me that’s .81 cents a gallon.
(Update for Aug.28, 2017) MY BAD!! 1st he used Azamax.. then he used Avid (i didn't know he had got some) NOT MALATHION!!! The final product he used was "Lost Coast Plant Therapy," which was used up till a week or so before harvest because then we just flushed good with water (which is what we always do before we harvest).