Lost Everything "please help if you can"

I'm down and out and need some help. I lost everything sad to say. 20k flower room down the drain. My partner and i believe it was the landlord renting us out the property. There was no forced entry and he's the only one who could possibly know the cycle of the plants since he has a key to the place and stops by at random times. Of course he's denying it and says he was camping. He even said he's using a satelite computer to communicate with us. Yeah okay buddy. That fucker is just trimming our shit somewhere and not answering his phone. Anyways I went there on tuesday and came back on sunday to cut everything down and when i got there all the plants had been cut. They got us for about 30 pounds. I put the last of what i had into that place and am left with practically nothing. Got my truck and my dog. Oh yeah and a credit card. That's about it. If you now of anything or anyone who can be of help please PM me. I'm down to drive wherever. Sad times for paulycali :(
holy fuck pauly! wish i could help u man, but im in no position to atm. It does sound like someone knew when shit was about to pop off and if ur landlord knew ur time schedule and had a key... hmmm just cant trust ANYONE these days.

hope all goes well for you man, im gonna light one up for u right this minute :cigar: Z
Ouch, that hurts, and not just the money, but your time.

One important lesson emerges, however; I wouldn't let $30k of my money out of my sight... kind of like locking your car and keeping it in the garage, you know?

PM me, I may have some options.
Landlords don't tend to fuck up reputation and a rented building that brings them guaranteed cash every month. A pissy grow mate who feels they have been doing "all the work" might take it and "quit". Just been there and thought I'd widen the perspective a bit. Its never a good feeling to have the locks changed or your plants missing. Again, you obviously know him or her better than I do but I've been fucked by many "friends".


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Sorry to hear that Pauly. If u still got the equipment then not all is lost, if so might need to liquidate some of it to get the ball rolling again. Keep pressing in dude.