Lst Products: Og Spring, Stem-trainer, And Low-stress Trainer

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Saint Skinny

Saint Skinny

Hey guys,
Just wanted to show you a couple products I've come across lately that I thought were way cool, and another I thought was worth mentioning.

OG Spring
An LST tool that helps increase yields with "Apical Tuning" as the company calls it. It basically helps you train your plant into a spiral, giving you more tops without topping. This pic is a stalk of a cannabis plant grown on one of the earlier OG Spring prototypes. These are pretty affordable as well at around $7.50 for the small and $9 for the large
OG spring Trunk.JPG



Not quite sure how to explain this one, You'll just have to see it lol these cost around $6 for a 10pack with 10 ties.
Stem Trainer.JPG

Last but not least, my honerable mention:
The Low Stress Trainer
This is a pretty simple kit, which basically does what we've been doing with whatever we find around the house. Its got a rope you attach to the container of the plant, which I'll call the anchor. Then you attach one end of the rope ratchet deal to the branch and the other end to the "anchor". Basically the same technique alot of people use with soft tie and grow yo-yo's. These range from $6 to $15

Saint Skinny

Saint Skinny

I don’t mean to sound adversarial, but any competent grower can do everything those products can do with a wire hanger, some string, and a safety pin.
I agree, I actually did an "og spring" type training with one of my plants before they sent me a couple springs. but I just thought they were kind of cool, well, two of em, the last was just more of a "why not, might as well include this while i'm at it.' Not to mention there's always that person without the time or ingenuity that would rather buy something than make it.

One of the coolest things about these items IMHO is that we're finally seeing products publicly advertised for growing cannabis... Instead of seeing "increases vegetable yields" on the package while there just so happens to be a rasta squirrel looking very "tired" as the mascot lol
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