Ive never really done any lst, I put these in 4 gallon pots after they were topped 2x I was thinking of topping again and decided i would bend the branches over instead. This plant has such weak branchs you have to stake ever one are they will flop over, so I used this to my advantage:sun no tieing down are breaking of branchs was required, i just bent them over and they stayed. There 9" across and tall, was thinking of flipping to 12/12 tonight.
looking good PB...i do very similar training in veg...top then train...have you tried supercropping yet? i really like supercropping because it's almost like lst + topping combo...once you bend or pinch the stem, the cell wall is broken and the plant acts like it's been topped..the wall repairs itself and continues growing...i usually wait until they're a bit bigger but to start supercropping but it's a great technique along with LST to get some big bushes :smiley_joint:
Yes ive supercropped in flower a few times to control a branch that gets to tall. I also supercropped 2 of the branchs above by accident, same idea. I might throw a large screen over these so i dont have to worry about stakes.
Good looking plants purpleberry, I like to top at a really young age myself and then do some cropping to the stems as they get older. Those plants are perfect to send to flower under a 400 or 600, if you have a 1000 you could wait another few days if need be but it is flower time real soon anyways.

good luck,

1 week of 12/12, the canopy is full now and im guessing about 75 tops at almost the same height. There 12" hi and i bent the branchs down 1 time this week, I might do it 1 more time, I hoping these get to 20-24" hi.
I threw a peice of wire fencing on top, I guess its a scrog now. I pulled these in 52 days last time. Im told its santa cruz kush.
Really nice grow you have Purple, real nice. You aren't growing in a scrog yet, atleast by the pics you have posted. I am a huge fan of useing a trelis system much like you just intalled. First time I posted a pic people told me I was scrogging and it confused the crap out of me. Scorg is when you tuck and bend all the growth back under the screen, you and I aren't doing that, we just gave our SoG something to lean against.

these are rocking @ 3 weeks:flower There are in a soil mix much like subcools mix and getting half rate bio canna and boost every watering.
Really wish i vegged a few more days i didnt get the stretch i thought i would, should still work out.


Lst is a great way to increase yield bigtime. Works really well with some strains. Stretchy strains do great.
great job purple berry, especially for your first lst....i think they ended up at the perfect height....sometimes its better to veg less and get more penetration than to veg more and end up with a jungle, the undergrowth looks real clean too...keep us updated on how these turn out.....take care


High PurpleBerry,

love your thread and your pics are great.:clapping

Pardon my ignorance but what is LST exactly? are you FIMing the tops? training your branches? im not getting a clear picture in my mind of this technique and would like to learn from you since your plants look so great.

Also, curious to know what camera you have. Im needing a new one and like the pics you have.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to following your grow.
did you ever LST(Low Stress Train) any of the plants i did not see any branches tied down or any training in the first few pics. looks like you opted for the SCROG instead?
looks great though
The branchs didnt have to be tied down since they are so flexbale on this plant. The plants were topped one time and the 4 leads were bent over to make a wider plant fill in the area. The screen was just used because i know the branchs will flop over in the last few weeks.I could have just put the screen in to start with.
LST(low stress training) and scrog are both used here i guess. Im happy with how many tops i got, I really wish i let them veg for a few more days I was hoping for 16oz w/600w, I ussally get 12-14
The camera is a Olympus stulus thats several years old, im sure you can get a better one for cheaper now days. lol


Thank you for the info. I was thinking it looked more like SCROG, but any training is realy LST.....

Im curious...what strain is this and what nutes do you use? under what lights and do you use Co2?

Im realy impressed for how young the plants are and you are obviously doing something realy RIGHT.

Thanks for all the info and keep up the good works.:rock

6 weeeks, half the pistils are turning red now and they are getting pretty dense, hope they can push some more in the next week.:character0050:
These seem to be a couple days slower this round, Almost all the pistols have turned red. A few buds that I squezed didnt like it and the heat and all the leaves turned crispy, lol Ive never seen that before. Buds didnt get as big as last time, I really should have vegged a few more days.
Ill give them a few more days and see how the trichomes look. Next pic will be a pile of dank nugs..:smiley_joint: