M.O.B. (mother of berry) HEARD OF THIS?

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Hello all new to this forum but stumbled on this thread. I am growing MOB in RI for the first time but have been smoking it for years. Far as I know it was a strain that was created by a couple dudes down in southern RI that went to URI. We call it hear though MOB Matties Own Best.

Can anyone give me any grow tips on it. I grow in coco using 1000 watt lights using flora duo.


am new here, sort of...i research here.
how i found this
i am also a patient, 22yrs, last two with ?permission?

did you read the whole thread?
is mother of all berries
was looking to yap about mob, but.... i'm in ME., researched this hard to get cut...mob,
sorry man..pretty sure it originates from here, and the entire community has said that...even on here.
I AM NOT GROWING matties OWN BEST? sorry, no offense.
pretty sure she's gonna turn out like this.
this guy is not saying he's the only, but that it is a maine exclusive strain.
gotta read the whole thread!

as far as growing them.
perfect for here.
got cutting a bit ago.
already cloned clones, mom in flwr 5/18
was told 45, 60 is better...much
got many going, not too many:)
they look mavelous....if i don't say
i am a constant scientist, so,
PLEASE folks: this is my opinion, it works for me, in my environment(s)!
happy frog, fox farm, neighbors farm etc neptune... variety
1000 wt MH all in veg. hps on standbye
lol, no crying anyone...86% people on 24hrs
ok i have 6hrs on:[email protected]:6hrs OFF
@75%-100%..i play, watch em juice up n stuff
screw 24.NOT right, NOT better, IS more $$(this months bill i'll have figures)
long night plant, mj is, important factor.
also, no florist would ever make it, IE: $300 for some roses at 24cycle
each 1000wt @ 24hrs on 100% = $110/ month for me
i tried full photoperiodic, kinda feel safe like this, and
they look fn great
they are outside now anyways..loving life..it's 39.f tonight.
and it's FREE
it has been raining for a week also. so, thats life.
i top them, the energy goes to the tallest growth, i bend, pinch, fold, and hide
giant green medusa afro plants.. fig.1
2 or 3 gal is fine, she is a shorter girl.
but, i have yet to blaze this.
am that committed, awesome, hard to get strain
from maine

next round,(s):

you can see the 1st cut from 3 days ago look up here ^, this is a clone from her, a top.
finally got to spout off some of my research. thanks man
all those babiest, left row plus, thats a 20' line.
1 plant... got it maybe 3/15
guard her with your life.
mother of all berries
call it what it is , if thats what it is
i give away other clones so my friend won't ask:),

long live your plants


Hey guys. I'm from out west so we get most of our stuff from Cali. I'm in Maine for the summer and I heard of this MOB strain but don't have any hook ups for it. I haven't been able to find any good buds out here. Mostly mid grade that doesn't give me much of a buzz. I'm in the mid coast Damariscotta region. Hit me up if any of you can help me out


i heard it was from Damariscotta,
we have a few strains. from maine i also have Island Skunk, MOB(maine only blueberry) both 1st/2nd hand from creators:) 50+, they arent lying. also have Purple Sharmin, that MOB....waiting on Burnham Redeye, and Monson Pot. thats not even all of them

your way too far from me bro, but....maybe scratch and sniff?
think grapegum/blueberry pie.
i have other stuff coming, is the last run of MOB for me for a while.....
i get bored of almost everything though
good luck on the strain hunt
7.13.mmj (5).JPG



the blueberry from here is better, well, stronger....havn't tried yet., the Island skunk is a white bud cross= happy.
the Purp Shaman...have to let you know, she is tiny.
good things, strong.

i met HB's old partner, Don GRey i think. whatever. They are all out for money... Harmony was a bad joke
i hear HB is big on legalazation...kool
but anything Maine vocals...kinda a joke, Green Cross, WORSE...Fkn degenerates,
all belong to CCM. another group trying to control marijuana in maine.
wanted me to join...FaQ YOU people!
i live for the trees

i'm just getting bored of MOB. thats all i have been smoking since July.
i'm not complaining...its mine at least, want something more mood changing.

BTW. the Dutch Passion version, is stronger also....just saying
guy gave me that, the cutting passed on. but is good

Maine dispenseries, $450/oz i think, guy brought some...was not impresive
i'll sell you a cut of MOB...say $200.... gonna stop running shortly
i am a patient caregiver...be one or the other, otherwise...sorry


i live in central ME and MOB is very easy to find u can get clones for $10-$15...here we call it maine outdoor bud...its genetics make it finis before the early frosts around here


Have some M.O.B. from this season's grow. Amazing stuff! When it was in ground I would walk by and literally want to take a bite outta a bud! Like sit down with a steak knife and tear into its berry yumminess type shit! A Maine gem!


which MOB? is it the one i had there? is a fat leaf.. cherry,fruit,rot,cheese
yes.. is a nice plant...i want some... anyone have clones or cuttings.. like the one i used to have?
another girl that got away:)
Central Maine Area MOB cherry fatleaf needed..

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I love me some Mob Boss. Learning of the real source of this now.

I have only seen this in seed form from grindhouse seeds. This may be a knock off of the clone but its its quite strong.

It is not berry tasting though. Kinda woodlike with a bit of citrus but not much but is all funk. Not really impressive by its smell but the smell is strong.

Very sugary, if you run your hand down the cola 3 times your fingers will stick together.

Flowering is about a good 10 weeks.

Average weight. Mob Boss is my current favorite. This has also been crossed with Mad Scientist and is also impressive but I prefer the Mob Boss. I made F2's.

Much appreciation Surrealife!


heh man.. my pleasure
thanks for any info. since then.. i have more info?
the source(info not clone) has provided me with very real cuts..from well known breeders. i also had the MOB which is blueberry..the one in pics..we call fat leaf cherry..different people, different strains. told me..Monson area..i am not going to drop names..Apparently.. was made north of here..big dea thing later...paper co's land etc. please note? he also told me i was in a highspeed chase..by dea rolled my jeep and.. my mom's hair was on fire? surrre actually? my mother knows more than me? lived in same town..friends of...family
but.. i do not need village gossip bs
imo is good..good growing plant @18% i have gotten 63g colas....but..never read any books. highly susceptible to white mold..not as bad as sourdiesel, but close. is easy to stress and..levels of evidence.. almost hermy.. not saying it does..was close. was playing with lights
but..that is the breeders lack of knowledge..or..rush for chedda. cuz is cheesy not to do all the work...but
again.. they are not seeds for sale so
very cool...can be fixed
ms96 is right..it is made for here..finishes end septemberish, 1st wk october, about same as my
Land Shark..SH4xwhtshrk X SKN1Xwhtshrk was done 10/5
we had shit weather cold 27 first couplle of october.. wrecked lots... i had no mold on my plants...good genetics takes time.. need to stress..find the right pants
and, i am going to fix it.. soon as i get some more cuts:)
2013 (2).JPG
pup10.2013 (29).JPG


ok..am here..
for more entertaining threads
any cuts will be appreciated/reimbursed.. i breed also
Blackfoot Genetics
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I'm also in Maine never HERD of it till I got here...and I LOVE IT.....Anyone know where I can grab some in-depth growing characteristic info on this plant


Merry Christmas..
well... i am bfg. i have mob. 1st!!!! is more than one strain..
this is the private stock,. i do not care what anyone says..
i got from same person.. this is cherrry not skunk.. i have had them side by side..
also.. had a friend visit,,(is on this thread even).. took him around..educated him on mob
and.. my strains.. and pollen,... etc.
can verify all of this.. and.. loves my work
have my LSxSBR .. male.. and 2 phenos i kept.. have mob
can make seeds.. whenever..

i am bored with all that work now
i was offered to stock my genetics here.. but..
on consignment..

world class genetics.. no one can get...
no one wants to pay?
i keep for me..
my landshark.. in rookie hands..
is crushing colorado.. and on outdoors..
better on the porch than all of the dispensaries i am told..

talk soon
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